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  1. nice bike.... and nice noise what ever that was.lol
  2. Hi i was thinking obut selling this pitbike. it is a crf 50 knockoff with new forks and swingarm. It runs great. What do u guys think would be a good price for it? thanks http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=3301
  3. i am interested in the engine. I live in templeton,CA. Around how much were u thinking you want for it. is it a stock engine? thanks
  4. Hi recentally oil has been dripping from my 50 engine and finally i took it off the bike to look at it and i noticed that there was a crack in it. So now i need a new engine. does any on have an xr/crf engine that they would like to sell. I also need a new throttle. If you have an engine or a throttle please let me know. Im just tryin to keep my 50 goin.
  5. The SDG is an awsome bike. My friend has had his for about 2 years. The trannsmission sucks ass after a while. But it is an all around good bike.
  6. Did u sell that engine? If not how much were u thinking u want for it. thanks
  7. I put a kx60 swingarm on mine. U have to move the shock mounts and cut down the swing arm mounts. It was toatally worth it.Then i put new forks on to even it out. The swing arm only cost like $19.00
  8. The mountain bike shock would probably be better. You might have to change the spring on it to make it so it doesnt bottom out. On my 50 i have DNM carbon downhill bike forks and they work great.