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  1. cjaycat521

    2007 KX250f Starting Problems

    Thanks for the help!
  2. cjaycat521

    2007 KX250f Starting Problems

    Drained the carb and there was not any water in the gas. Checked all of my electrical connections to make sure everything was tight. Had a friend a ride with come over and he was stumped. Before he left he gave it one last try and it fired up with a little twist of the throttle. It warmed up and ran perfectly. I let it sit for an hour and a half. Went to start it again and it fired first kick no problem. Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this? Compression feels normal and the valves were recently checked and were in spec.
  3. cjaycat521

    2007 KX250f Starting Problems

    I recently bought a 2007 Kx250f and have probably put around 5 hours on it since I got it. It has never been a problem to start. First or second kick everytime. I cleaned it up this weekend after going out and riding at a local track. I plugged the exhasut and did not spray directly onto any of the bearing trying to avoid water getting places where it shouldn't. After I finished cleaning it, I fired it up to help dry it off. It kicked over no problem with the choke on and I let it there to warm up. I let it warm up for about 5 minutes and went to push the choke back in. Once the choke was back in it died. I thought this was no problem since I was just going to put it back in the garage until next time i was going to ride. I went back in yesterday to fire it up so I can warm it up and change the oil. Everything felt normal as far as kicking it over but it just wouldn't fire. I checked to make sure it was getting gas and chaged the spark plug to make sure that wasn't an issue. I had just replaced the clutch lever and the throttle tube the day before. Could any of this have led to this issue of not starting?
  4. cjaycat521

    new 06 cr125 fouling plugs

    I had that exact same problem with my 06 i bought leftover 5 months ago. I switched to a 410 main and a 37.5 pilot with the main on the second clip position. MInd you i was riding this bike in the winter which just shows how crappy the stock jetting is. So far i have run the same sparkplug the past 5 hours and its a nice cocoa brown color when i check it.
  5. cjaycat521

    2006 Cr125 Rant

    Jeez. Yeah Hondas jetting charts are absolutly terrible. Right now my bike is running perfect and the plug after i took it out is a perfect cocoa brown. It took a lot of time and effort to get it where it is now but it paid off. I was riding pretty tight trails off and on the throttle and checked the plug after and it was perfect.
  6. cjaycat521

    2006 Cr125 Rant

    Well i finnaly got it right. 410 main 2nd clip position with a 37.5 pilot. Yes i dropped from a 55 to a 37.5 even though its in the 50s outside.
  7. cjaycat521

    2006 Cr125 Rant

    K thanks
  8. cjaycat521

    2006 Cr125 Rant

    Aightn thanks i ordered a 45 40 and 37.5 pilot to try out and we will see how it works. What oil and ratio do you run?
  9. cjaycat521

    2006 Cr125 Rant

    I bought an 06 cr125 leftover about 2 monhts ago. I rode it for about ten hours in all bu spent 20 bucks in spark plugs each time. The dealer kept on saying the problem would go away but it never did so i decided to jet the bike. I have tried mains starting with the stock 430 and am at the 410 right now. The pilot was a 55 but i dropped to a 50. Its on the second clip positions. Even though those settings should be lean for my average summer temps it still fouls plugs in 40 degree weather. The airscrew is 1 an 1/2 turns out. The bike feels very crisp it just still fowls plugs when you ride it. Need help please. The jetting forum provided absolutly 0 answers.
  10. I have a cr125 2006 model. It has never run right for the month ive had it. I bought it as a dealer leftover brand new. It always fouls plugs even riding it up in the powerband if i come out for a little bitt the plug fouls. Right now i have a 410 main and a 50 pilot with the airscrew at 1 and 1/2 turns. Im running out of ideas can anyone help me. I live about at sea level and my average temperatures are aroun 75-90 in the summer.
  11. cjaycat521

    MX Tracks Near Richmond

  12. cjaycat521

    MX Tracks Near Richmond

    Does anyone know of any motocross tracks within an hour and a half of richmond VA.
  13. cjaycat521

    2006 CR125r

    I just bought an 06 cr125r for pretty cheap as a leftover from a dealer. I was wondering what pipe combinations people like to run. I want to put a new pipe and silencer on it any suggestions. I want to broaden power down low.
  14. I want a bike that can do both trails and the track well. How does the 250sxf do on trails. The Ktm dealer recommended the XC-F was good for a combination. Would the 20 pund difference be noticable on the track?
  15. cjaycat521

    2007 Yz250f

    My local dealer is selling the 07 yz250f for 5800. That price includes taxes and all fees. It seems like a good price and it is a good 800 dollars cheaper then an 08. Is there anything that makes the 08 worth 800 dollars more?