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  1. Thor34

    Boots for wife for X mas. Help!

    Thanks for all the help!
  2. Hello there. I know another thread about boots for a wife! I've been researching and reading and wanted to ask for some opinions. Rocky mtn. Atv/MC has O'Neal Racing Element Ladies Boots 2011 Regular: $109.99 Our price: $98.99 Has anyone had any experience with O'Neal boots? I myself wear A star Tech 8's and have been happy with them. My wife was looking at the O'Neals though. Some history....she is almost 5' and weighs 125, I bought her a crf 70 and my daughter a crf 50 for xmas. This is both of there first bikes and am exicited that she wants to get into riding. Ive read that some boots have terrible fitment for womens calves. My wife has muscular calves so I know the boots will have to have good adjustablility. Thanks for any help
  3. Thor34

    What allen wrench to repack 07 silencer?

    I can't believe they would put rivets in them! Just to change the packing in the silencer.
  4. I have taken off my silencer and was going to take apart the silencer and noticed that its some weird bolt. Other silencers I've changed used simple allen wrenches. Thanks for the help.
  5. Does anyone know of a good Yamaha dealership in the area of Western NC? Im looking to find a deal on a PW-50 for my little girl. Christmas is coming and Im trying to do some shopping now. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thor34

    Skidplate : Flatland OR Worksconnection??

    I have a Utah sport skid plate from Rocky Mtn MC and its been outstanding.
  7. Thor34

    Getting bad headaches after riding

    I have watch sometimes when Im riding and make sure Im not riding tensed up! I to get head aches when I ride tensed up. It all starts in my shoulders and traps. Its like I tense my shoulders up! Sometimes I feel like I have done a thousand shrugs after some long rides!
  8. got one for my 07 450 and love it! Only thing easier would be a rekluse, but don't have the money!
  9. Thor34

    '07 Chain guide

    Yeh I dumped mine over and have dented the stock one up too! Im looking for an aftermarket guide as well! My brother also has an 07 and the rubber is sliding out.
  10. Thor34


    I went there this past week for the first time. I had a good time, but wish they could figure out some way to maintain the trails better. Most of the trails were liking riding on concrete! I guess its kinda hard though with the amount of people that come and go!
  11. Thor34

    Pro Taper bar mounts

    I wrecked my o7 and ended up buying the pro taper evo and the pro taper bar mounts. I was also suprised when I bent the mounts!
  12. Thor34

    Stainless Brake Lines

    galfer from Rocky mtn. !
  13. I bought one several months ago and love it. I had to add the 2 shims they gave me and 1 washer I had to it for enough free play.
  14. Thor34

    which flywheel weight?

    I ride alot of rocky tight trails in western NC and found the 13oz trailtech flywheel to really help! Im still thinking about going up a tooth in the rear sprocket too. I believe one thing that will help me also is time on the bike!! I just left my 02 Banshee for the 07 450 and have never looked back! Once I get some more time on the bike I will feel alot more comfortable.
  15. Thor34

    Question about shim for Magura Clutch

    OK! I have added both washers that came with the kit. It is the newer one as well. According to the crappy directions they talked like the play should be measured when pulling the slave out of the mounting bracket ( the billet looking machined one). The directions are very confusing! Especially for a pollock! When I put on the slave on the nut below the bleeder valve came open and some fluid came out. Do you think that some air might have gotten in?