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  1. SilverPig

    2000 XR650L oil leak

    You have all given more to think about. If the bolt isn't a through-hole into the oil reservoir, then I probably need to look elsewhere. I get the idea that it looks like it can come from anywhere, but I still see seepage from that one bolt. That doesn't mean it isn't traveling from somewhere else. I'm still working on pics. Thanks very much for the input so far. More to come.
  2. SilverPig

    2000 XR650L oil leak

    Thumper Gurus, I recently purchased a 200o XR650L that had been sitting for years. I did all the typical restoration (Gas tank clean, fresh fluids/filters, airbox filter, carb rebuild, etc). The bike runs pretty good, as excepted for a "tank" built XR. However, the bike leaks oil from left side crankcase only when resting on kick-stand. When I center-stand the bike (with small bike lift) it doesn't leak at all. It appears to be coming from a bolt just forward of the kickstand and gear shift area. I can see small crankcase deformation in the area, probably where previous owner hit a rock, but otherwise integrity of crankcase looks good. My question: Is it possible to remove the bolt in question, glob it with Honda bond and replace? Seems like a shortcut, vice removing left side cover all together. The leak is slow, about 50 cent piece on the floor after a few days, but its annoying. Sorry for not posting pictures, I will do so once I get home. Just wanted some preliminary thoughts. Thanks, SilverPig
  3. I worked all weekend on my 2002 xr400r. It hasn't run for about 1.5 years, so I changed the oil/filter, new 93 octance gas, new plug, removed carb and cleaned as best I could. Everything back together and its a mother to start, won't idle without choke on, and farts/backfires when I do get it rolling by giving enough gas when chokes goes off to start moving. I realize this is probably a carb issue, but not sure how much more I can clean it out. Need to some hands on expertise? Any in De?
  4. SilverPig

    Chain Question XR400

    Thanks for the response. I know - a rookie question. Now I have another rookie question. Does my 200 lbs body, standing on the supplied wrench for the bike, constitute the required torque needed to tighten the rear axle nut. I didn't really stand on the wrench, just tightened as much as possible. As you can see, I don't have a torque wrench
  5. SilverPig

    Chain Question XR400

    I recently went to a 14 T front sprocket on my XR400. Do I need to remove a chain linkage , or two with this size sprocket? Or can I adjust the rear axle enough to tighten up the chain...which is super loose with the 14T sprocket. thanks, silverpig
  6. SilverPig

    building a Stand for xr400

    Thanks all for the numerous ideas....I like the idea of rolling the bike around while on a jack..or even the 5 gallon bucket idea.. But I think I'll try and build a wood stand just the same with extra lumber laying around...Trailryder42's measurements should do the trick. thanks again..
  7. SilverPig

    building a Stand for xr400

    Can anyone provide me with the preferred dimensions for building a wood stand for an xr400. Got some wood, a few nails and ready to build... thanks, silverpig
  8. SilverPig

    2000 XR400 advice

    Thanks for the reply Trailryder. All good things to check out. Unless the guy is willing to take under a 1,000 for the bike I think I'm staying away from it. I dont mind a project bike, but not spending a lot to get one.
  9. SilverPig

    2000 XR400 advice

    I recently found a 2000 xr400 for sale in Maryland and some advice on what to look for and how much (ball park) to pay, or offer for the bike. The guy selling is the third owner and he keeps the bike outside (covered). The pipes are rusting as well as the chain..I'm sure there is additional rusting elsewhere, I've only seen pictures of the bike. Its not well kept and looks like crap. The owner says he rode the bike about two months ago, he says it runs fine. Its tagged and titled (clean title) He has the bike on ebay with a set starting bid of 2,500. There is no way it will go for that price.... I'm local, so I have the advantage of looking at the bike first hand.. Need advice on what to look for ????? And how much to offer ????? thanks - silverpig