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    New to the Austin Tx area

    Thanks everyone i will check into some of those. i stopped into TJcycle and they had a lot of good info. I would rather ride trail thats my passion. but its rocky as hell here, it hurts more when you wipe out. I might be getting some of my old MX skill brushed up down here. I was at ADVMX a while back thought it was a pretty good track as far as tracks go. I'm already missing my dirt though. Its funny about the AMA card, thats the only way to race in IL. I was kinda wanting to find a good promoter for a hare scramble. if any of you guys are looking for a tag along i would love the invite. I'm a two stroke rider so you will have to deal with my smoke.
  2. 2StrokinIt

    New to the Austin Tx area

    Thank you I will look into all of that. I bet winter is your riding season. its pretty hot in the summer to be putting to many laps in.
  3. 2StrokinIt

    Texas New to the Austin Tx area

    I am new to Austin and I am looking for a good place to ride trails and or race. I am from Dis 17 in IL and everything is done threw the AMA there. I see there is a few promoters but who really puts the best race on. I have found a couple on the web but they are holding most of there races up north by Dallas. any help or ideas on where would be great thanks.
  4. So is any one looking for a wheelie bar or rear fenders for a Cr125
  5. So i heard you might be looking for a wheelie bar?