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  1. smithmx488

    Reducing vibration on bars

    you can use great stuff foam insulation in comes in an aresol can and you just spray it into your bars and it expands and hardens and absorbs vibration i use it in my bikes and works great for less than $5 and no added weight you can get it at hardware stores
  2. smithmx488

    StompGrip Poll

    i was thinking about getting those but not any more
  3. smithmx488

    I broke an ASV lever...

    i only use my asv's for 1/2 a year so far but i love them cuz i like a longer clutch pull, but i heard there bad for your clutches is this true?
  4. smithmx488

    Radiator fixes

    i had just a small pin hole in my radiator so i just cold welded it its like jb weld but for to hold pressure and chemicals you can get it at hardware stores works great
  5. i think that is totally fair i have to buy my own bikes and parts if it breaks i fix i pay for race entrys and everything else it no outside help maybe once in a while i get a little help from my parents but not much it teaches budgeting witch is a valuebule skill when your out in the real world i get $15 a week for allowence but i recentley got a job so no more allowence everything comes out of my check im 15 and it has worked this way since i was 12 and i like it sure it would be nice to not have to pay for n e thing but im not going to be the one calling home for money when i got to college
  6. smithmx488

    03 yz250f

    hey im new to this forum but i belong to many other motocross forums on the net and have been riding and racing for 1.5 years well my question is im starting to get more into motocross and kinda grew out of my rm 125 so my question is is an 03 yz250f a good bike any problems from the factory this bike has fresh top end i know its taken well of very valves checked fmf exhaust and some other upgrades its a nice bike i've ridden it and really like it so is there any thing i should be aware of? i know im gunna buy it as soon as i sell my rm 125