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  1. cra_fizzer

    Ice Ridin

    The traction on ice is unbelievable IF you buy a set of professionally made ice tires.
  2. cra_fizzer

    Ice Ridin

    Buy a set of Freddettes. Don't try to make your own. Slime aint going to cut it. You need a liner.
  3. cra_fizzer

    Ice riding in MN around the Twin Cites.

    A bunch of CRA people do. Also check MNSBR
  4. cra_fizzer

    Ice riding in MN around the Twin Cites.

    People usually go out on Lake Marion every weekend.
  5. cra_fizzer

    Ice Screws

    +10000000000000000 Don't waste your time making your own. Just buy his and be done with it.
  6. cra_fizzer

    MN 2009 AMA D23 Offroad Schedule

    Where in Brainerd?
  7. cra_fizzer

    new track coming to Elk River, MN (I LIVE in Elk River!!! )

    Making snow costs a ton of money. Even though they are using electric guns (one is ours) and and electric pump, it ain't cheap. Hopefully they worked out a deal with the power company. They also bought our BR400 Snocat and you guys all know how expensive diesel still is. There is just no way they can price it the same as MX.
  8. cra_fizzer

    Headlight for CRF150??

    yes it does.
  9. cra_fizzer

    trailtech computer

    Me likey!!
  10. cra_fizzer

    How do you play with your 150/230

    You forgot ice racing! Need to do something in the winter in Minnesota.