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  1. Mexico Mac

    Long distance trip advice

    I used to have a R1150 GS Adventure, completely hated it, WAY to big, the Falcon looks promising, but I'm still looking for the aftermarket products, like a larger gas tank, the dealer doesn`t know if a regular XR tank would fit. I'll keep you posted...
  2. Mexico Mac

    Long distance trip advice

    Actually I'll not even leaving the country!!! The Mexican Tour de Force! By the way I`ll be more than happy to help/advice anyone who is planning to travel south.
  3. Mexico Mac

    Long distance trip advice

    Yes, I'm Mexican, so to introduce a bike , I need have it legalize and pay taxes, all in all around 45% of the actual value of the bike.. not worth it. I'll try to go light, I hope is LESS misery than a large bike. I tried a XR650L and was way to high for me! Perhaps with a little practrice I could ride it...
  4. Mexico Mac

    Xr250 Tornado????

    The Mexico site of Honda says watercooled, and e-start... strange.
  5. Mexico Mac

    Xr250 Tornado????

    Does anybody know anything about the XR250 Tornado? Honda is selling it in Mexico, Brazil and some other countries. Looks like a civilized version, e-start, water cooled, etc. Mac
  6. Mexico Mac

    Long distance trip advice

    Thank you very much for all the advice, I was on the road (dirt) and I am catching up with "life" I'm planning on doing a very extensive ride through Mexico's dirt roads. I can`t buy a bike in USA, because I'll have to do the importation paperwork to take down to Mexico. I have organized a delivery system so a friend will Fedex me all the stuff I need during the trip so I can travel VERY light. I’ve spoken to the Metzeler distributor and we are going to also schedule, so the local dealers have my tires around the date I will be needing them, as well as the oil. One big change is the bike choosing, Honda is offering a new bike, the XR250 Tornado, (www.honda.com.mx) which I`ve been told has the 250 engine and chassis, electric start and a suspension more pavement oriented, a friend in the Horizons Unlimited forum told me that the same bike is sold in Brazil, and for overlanding travel the suspension should be good enough. Let me know what you think!!! Mexico Mac
  7. Mexico Mac

    Long distance trip advice

    I`m going on a long distande trip (50,00 km plus) in a new XR650L, a lot of dual sport riding.(very little hardcore off-road, although the bike will be heavy with all my stuff) How many tires, chains, sprockets, oil, services, etc. I`ll have to go through? Any advice is welcomed! Thanks.
  8. I'm planning a looong trip in a 2000 XR650L, mostly light riding in dirt. What mileage I can get with a Clarke or Acerbis 4 gallon tank? Does the acerbis tank that go under the seat fit the L model??? Which tire would you recommend and what mileage I can expect from them? Thank!