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  1. bamx

    06 carb issue...mystery leak

    Thanks, I got a flashlight out and it really looks like it is coming from that screw. I guess I am off to buy a new o ring.
  2. I have a leak somewhere at the front of my carb (06 crf450r) It looks to be coming from the air screw needle area. Has anyone seen this before? Is it possible to leak fuel from the air screw? Thanks in advance
  3. bamx

    xr600r rotor end gap

    It doesn't appear to be anything like worn out bearings. I would guess that the bracket may be bent. I was just wondering how important this gap really is. I do not think that this is the overall problem but I would hate to put it back together and now I have the old problem and this (If in fact it matters)
  4. I got a 91 XR600R from a friend. Supposedly, it idled OK but when you put a load on it the bike ran like crap. UNFORTUNATL, he decided to take the bike apart himself. I now have a bike with the entire right side disassembled and the cam etc also disassembled. I bought a factory manual and have started to clean everything and reassemble all the while looking for what may be the initial problem. I got to the rotor and the manual says that the rotor end gap should be .027 in. mine is around .035 in. The manual does not have a range and the part does not seem adjustable. I was wondering if anyone out there had any thoughts.
  5. bamx

    stock 03 RM250 jetting.

    When I bought my 03 RM250 the jetting was terrible. It was hard to break it in because it would load up so badly. I ended up playing with the needle and main both which made it better but not great. I soon destroyed the pipe and replaced it with a Pro Circuit pipe. Still having jetting problems, I called them and asked for jetting specs and they were great. The only issue was that it was like every jet and the slide near 100$ to get it done. I do not have my notes anymore but I'm sure you could call them and get the numbers. It was worth every penny as the bike ran great.
  6. bamx

    105 octane air plane fuel in 450 r

    Save your money. The 91 octane works just fine that is unless you have higher compression than stock.
  7. bamx

    2006 Crf450r

    I just bought my second 06 a couple of weeks ago. 4999$ out the door was too cheap to pass up. I took off my RG3 suspension from the old one and swapped it out to the new one. the diference in price verses what I sold it for was 1400$. I would say that is a good deal considering it was time to go through the motor on my old one.
  8. I had a little accident and ended up destroying the end cap on my 06. The parts were cheap and easy to replace. The only thing that is still up in the air is the epoxy/solder? or whatever the substance is that seals the end cap to the inner pipe. I was wondering if anyone knew what this stuff is.
  9. bamx

    Engine Case Paint

    Does anyone know where I can get matching paint for the side cases. I know that in the past PJ1 made a line of OEM match paint . Does anyone know if they or someone else still does?
  10. My buddy dropped me off his XR650R carb the year is around 2000. The float jet was completley crusted in from sitting. I have a few questions for the experts. 1. Is the float jet remavable and if so what is the procedure for removal? 2. What is the stock float height?
  11. My buddy dropped off his XR650R carb year is around 2000. The float jet was completley crusted in from sitting. I have a few questions for the experts. 1. Is the float jet remavable and if so what is the procedure for removal? 2. What is the stock float height?
  12. You got me right...I didn't buy my bike at a local dealer. Somehow a dealer back East was able to sell me and ship me the bike cheaper than the SoCal dealers were willing to part with them at the time. I would love to support the local dealers but frankley they suck. High prices, little stock and people who haven't a clue about bikes. I think that most of the people on thread agree that the dealers need to make money. But why would you pay full retail (what almost all shops charge) when you can go online and get a better price and most places give you free shipping with a low minimum order. Oh ya to get it same day. Wrong... they only thing they have is the latest Skin or Metal Mulisha Tshirt. As for the radiator I agree that the shop should not absorb the cost of repairing the guys radiator but they told him they had never even heard of someone doing that. If a service guy told me that I would be more than a little suspect of his ability. I could see how he might argue against doing that but to not hear of anyone doing it.....lame.
  13. The thing that is unbelievable to me is how few parts the shops stock for late model bikes. Living in SoCal you would think that parts are easy to be had, especially with all the mega-sized shops around. Read...lots of clothes and other BS but light on the parts. The fact of the matter is that people who actually ride and work on their bikes now are forced to buy on the internet and send mechanical work out to motor shops in order to get work done right. It always makes me laugh when the parts counter is manned (and I'm using the term loosley) by the tatooed head to toe moto punk. You know the guy who you have to explain to that you need a small end bearing and he brings up the rear wheel screen. Oh and by the way if you need to get your radiator straightened there is a place I believe it is called Mylers or Meyres they usually advertise in the back of the mags in the really small adds. I sent them a radiator that was way bent and had a hole in it. I didn't think they could fix it but for 60$ they got the job done and it looked really good all things considered. Way better than the 280 that Suzuki wanted.
  14. bamx

    Split the cases - DIY or send it out?

    Usually you need a puller to seperate cases evenly, at least on 2 strokes. Ive made a few in the past but you can buy them from Honda. If you are capable of doing the top end you are capable of doing the bottom end. You may also need circlip pliers etc.. My advice. 1. Buy the Service Manual from Honda (Read the whole process through before you start) 2. Mark and keep everything in order and make sure you know which side touches what, a lot of the parts in transmissions have steps for clearance(use zip ties or whatever it takes)(Digital pictures would have been worth there weight in gold more than once in my experience) 3. Keep everything clean 4. Dirty threads don't torque properly (non chlorinated brake cleaner is cheap and effective) Good luck
  15. bamx

    what offset are you running

    On mine they actuallygave me stiffer springs front and rear anddid the rest with valving. I weight 185 in street clothes if that helps.