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  1. We have a 13 450 and 12 250 with FCR suspension. 450 is horrible. Does not settle in like the 250 does. It bounces and does not soak up near what 250 does. cornering it does not collapse and ride even through turns as 250 does. He weighs around 165 which racetech says should be a 5.8 and according to most sites on here is stock. Any ideas?
  2. What was the issue? Mine has quick running and no spark
  3. I know it has been a while but what was the problem. Mine has done the same thing
  4. We picked up a new one yesterday and I have no idea how this front end works as far as setting them up.
  5. This is one I got plus the original bike manual
  6. Today when I went to the shop I had found out the dealer had supplied with a SHOP manual. Did anyone else get one other than the original bike manual? This thing was 80+ bucks. I thought it was pretty cool to have esp for free
  7. This one says no wires as well. I really wonder how well they work without connection to engine/coil?
  8. what was wrong,. My 05 is doing somewhat the same thing. The shift star gets jammed and will not engage to neutral
  9. you can also disconnect the neutral switch at the plug, Then touch both terminals to each other. If you have spark the neutral switch is bad or the bike has not engaged into neutral. I have that issue now due to the shift star not engaging always.
  10. I won;t believe it til I see one on the showroom floor
  11. We got the hammerhead +10mm, He is able to get under it and shift no problems
  12. 09 rmz 250 never 12 rmz 3 hrs not yet
  13. Chapper. I measured the 2012 distance is 127mm from front peg to center of shifter, On my 09 RMZ it is 137mm. Please let me know how the 450 shifter works out.
  14. Chad, Do you have a picture of how you did it? Thanks
  15. Chad, Do you have a picture of how you did it? Thanks