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  1. Supercross

    i have met the "father" at a local dealer several times and every time he has been a total jerk,,,the boys will be better off without him,im sure
  2. i put a megabomb header and a pro circuit muffler on my sons 06yz250f i went right on ,big power gain on bottom n mid range,,nothin on top
  3. what is the technical term for the fmf power bomb chamber? i cant remember were i found it or what it is called
  4. the plug is for the hole that used to be where the decompression mechanism wnt into the head,,,mine fell out,went to yamaha and got a revised rubber/steel plug,,,they will find it in the cam section,,oddly enough,,i put some supper glue onit,,been ther for 3years now,,i bought 2,,just to have an extra,,,good luck
  5. i just put same system on mine,,,current jets are 48pilot,178 main,,no bog,totally smooth,,,i thought that would be way too much jet,,,but i changed em in stages and it works best,,,good luck
  6. my bike wallows bad in woops,the compression damping screws(hi n low spd)dont seem to make any difference,turned almost all the way in it(the seat) still bounces like a pogo stik.i changed the oil n recharged the nitrogen,same thing,i think the shimstack is stuck open or sumptin........any ideas?
  7. that sucks!!!! you would think we wouldnt have to worry for at least,um well,a ride or so! we brought my sons o8250f home,rode it 200 yards and the weep hole puked out.i think ill check his valves
  8. they are waiting for a clutch cover gasket,gonna be in today(thursday) thanx for the pic pretty cool.im just not happy that it leaked so soon.my 04 wr hasnt leaked,at all,the yz either,this is our first stab at a green bike.it rode fantastic,made me want a 450 greeeenie,maybe still if the leak problem doesnt reoccur
  9. thanx for the grease trick.im kinda worried that it leaked so quick,was gonna go buy me a 450 but now im a little skepticle
  10. ha!!!!got ya all beat:bonk: just bought an 08,,,,,puked coolant out the weep hole 10minutes into breaking in the bike
  11. just bought my son an o8 250f,first ride water leakes out the weap hole.any body else seen this?is ther an easy fix?kawi is kinda scootin theyre feet like they dont want to fix it for free,bike literally has ten minutes on it.:
  12. i have an 04wr450,pogo sticks bad thru fast deep woops.no change with compression screw,rebound adjusts ok.had the shock recharged,no change. i was told the oil is foamed and it needs a rebuild.any ideas?
  13. ive got an oportunity to get a drd exhaust real cheap,is it any good and will it really make a difference?
  14. ya 2 bucks or so.ruined my ride cuz a 2 dollar part
  15. i buy the cheapest i can find,yep it sucks but ive tried em all and they just wear out.gobs of power does it every time.hehe