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  1. -From what i have read the berg is supposed to the least top-heavy of any of these bikes due to the 70 degree engine, flipped crankcase, and fuel tank under the seat. All reviews i have read support husaberg's claim. -The new 500 does look like a promising bike but when dealer's are knocking $2500 off the old(and proven) 450/530 its hard to pass up such good prices. One thing i didn't like about the 500 was that it had a cramped cockpit for larger riders according to the motousa review. Aren't most of the guys looking for a "big-bore enduro bike" larger than average guys? -I hope to be riding one of these bikes soon, I guess the best thing anybody can do is just ride them all then pick which one fits you best. Reading reviews and searching thru forums can only get you so far. Too bad their aren't any 500's down here in texas, wouldn't mind comparing the two.
  2. Well good thing is opportunistic people might be able to snag a 2011 530 for much less thanks to this new model coming out. It's hard to spend that kind of money for an unproven bike...really hard
  3. Thanks cubera, i didn't notice that when reading thru the comments. --You know i'm not a rocket scientist, but wouldn't they have saved a lot of money and sold a lot more bikes if they just put throttle body injection on the old 530 and left the rest alone? Isn't that about the only complaint most people had about the 530?? Now people have to question the first year reliablity of this new design which is kinda scary since you don't want to spend money on repairs after shelling out $10,000 on a dirt bike... Just my 2 cents, guess thats why i'm not a big dog at ktm haha
  4. I would like to see a good review on the bike, there's a lot of unproven speculation going on about it. I would definitely not go as far as to say that it will blow the husaberg 570 away, everything i've read on that bike seems exceptional. I believe the design of that bike is the future of dirt bikes, and for the record the engineer for the engine was Swedish, not Austrian as many people believe. This is a win-win situation for all the hardcore enduro guys who have been wanting a fuel injected, street-legal dirt bike that is actually competitive. The more choices the better! I hope the bike lives up to hype, it sounds like the real deal.
  5. 1. Yamaha engines are known for their longevity 2. Honda CRF's are known for the opposite 3. The bike is not going to be used for competitive purposes 4. You've got one easy decision!
  6. Jaynen is completely right, it's a lot easier to catch flies with honey than it is with vinegar. Politely voicing your opinion and showing evidence(online newspaper articles, etc.) of loud motorcycles shutting down riding areas is the way to get your point across and convince others you're right. Bashing others is counterproductive and makes people want to do the opposite of what you say. -My personal opinion on your mx track getting limited riding time is that those complaining need to move the heck away. You don't build a house next to a race track and not expect to hear some noise!! You have the freedom to ride and they have the freedom to enjoy solitude by living somewhere else. I don't see any airports getting shut down or freeways getting moved b/c people don't particularly care for the noise.
  7. I really doubt a WR250R with a Q4 has shut down any trails. Regardless, this crowd is not the one that shuts down trails, it's those crazy youngsters riding on them motocross bikes like a bunch of bats outta hell! Happy riding
  8. I worry what this country is coming to. If people aren't b!tching about the noise they'll be b!tching about us destroying the ecosystem or emitting too much pollution. In Stephenville TX they actually made a dairy farm which had been operating for over 100 years shut down because people who had built houses around it were complaining about the smell. How wrong is that? It's the same way people who build around mx tracks and riding areas do by complaining about noise. If you want to ride a bike that sounds like minnie mouse leave it stock, if you want to open up your bike and get 5hp more at wheel do it. It's a thing called freedom if you don't like it, do us all a favor and move to france.
  9. I wouldn't listen to everything the dealer recommends. Did he drain the oil after he got back to the truck? If he got the moisture out of the engine rather quickly I'd imagine it would be alright. When that happened to me I just kept changing the oil and filter until the oil returned to it's normal color. Clean out the carburator and air filter as well and see how it runs. At this point you really have nothing to lose. A lot of people on this forum have drowned their bikes and everything has been okay, just do a search and you might gain some tips. Good luck!
  10. That dyno was for the S version. Let us know how the two bikes compare in a drag! It would definitely be a shame to the 400 if the little 250 could leave it behind... Heres a drag of a 400E vs. a YZ250F:p
  11. The ATK450 is an interesting bike, fuel injected bike, thats actually made in the United States. Here's a link to the motorcycle usa review
  12. SPUTTER, can you feel the difference in power on steep climbs between the two bikes? My dad is fixing to buy one of these bikes and is worried if the 250 has enough power for somebody 6'3'' and 210 pounds. He's not worried about the power at sea level, but when we ride in Colorado at 9000-12000 ft. above sea level they lose a lot of power. Many of the climbs are pretty steep and he wants a bike that has ample power. Just wondering since you have actually owned both...
  13. hart, that dyno chart was posted by Eddie Sisneros your TT jetting expert and a DRZ owner, not myself if that caused any confusion. If anybody knows what numbers the 400 makes on the dyno I'm pretty sure it would be him.
  14. Nice bike Zadok! Must be nice to have spot-on jetting all the time...
  15. If you're going from a TTR125, any of these bikes are going to feel plenty fast. I rode with a guy that had a 200EXC and it seemed to me that the power was comparable to my YZ250F. Have you looked at the WR250R? It can be brought to 250F specs pretty easily from what i've read and is also a street legal bike. With the price of gas it might be something to consider...wish i had one.