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  1. Trying to get some input on which one to go with.. Anybody have experience with either one? The Acerbis is a 2.7 gallon and the IMS is a 3.2 gallon. Looking for fitment and overall quality/durability and I am using Works Connection Radiator Guards.
  2. scooter12

    Mototassinari Air4orce

    Right on. Please post up what you think of it when you get some hours on it.
  3. scooter12

    Mototassinari Air4orce

    From what I heard it was due to the increasing costs of the molds for the air boxes..I have one on my 14 CRF250R but it was on there when I purchased the bike. Check Ebay for one.
  4. scooter12

    350 XC-F Vibration

    I own a 17 350 XCF and yes they do vibrate quit a bit, much more than any of my Honda 250 & 450's. I put anti vibration inserts in the handlebars from https://www.ktmandhusky.com/ and they do help...
  5. scooter12

    2018 CRF250R Questions For Owners

    Its hard to adapt to the KTM suspension, especially the rear. The bike is super nimble and light but I just feel the Honda is more predictable and easier and more fun for me to ride and turn. Made some more suspension changes this week and it was better but still not feeling it like I was before on the Honda... Going to put more time on the bike with an open mind.
  6. scooter12

    Thoughts on older 350 xc f

    I have a 17 350XCF and have been on Honda 250R's and 450R's since 2003. I do like the 350 as it is super light and nimble but the suspension is something to get used to, especially the rear. I even converted the front forks to conventional spring and that helped a lot, just working on the rear but probably going back to a new CRF250R..
  7. scooter12

    2018 CRF250R Questions For Owners

    Woodzi- What were the aproximate temps when you were trying to start it? Does it come with a Lithium battery?
  8. Thinking of going back to Honda from my KTM350XCF and have a couple of questions for people that have ridden the 2018- Does the bike run extremely hot on the trails and tight single track? Have you had any trouble getting the electric start to work when it is cold outside, about 40F or lower and actually have to bump start it? Bike would mostly be used for HS Racing and trail riding and tracks occasionally. I really want the electric start even though I know the 17 motor is better down low, I think gearing and Yosh's will help enough for what I need. Thanks in advance
  9. I have a 2017 350XCF. What sockets, open end wrenches, allens and Torx do I really need for my long trail rides? I have all the other essentials but I am trying to find out which sizes I need for any instances on on the trail. I also have a 2014 500 EXC I am trying to cover all in one kit. I did a lot of searches and still could not figure out what sizes I should really have to cover all the bases. Thanks in advance.
  10. KTM Recomends Red Locktite (Which is 2701 I believe) I usually use blue medium strength for sprockets.. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks! Do you know what the front sprocket torque spec is?
  12. Does anybody have the torque specs for the front and rear sprockets on a 2014 KTM 500 EXC. Thanks in advance.
  13. scooter12

    Bar options...

    I hear yah. It was difficult for me to get used to it for sure and I was going to make one myself..
  14. scooter12

    Bar options...

    Keep the stock bars and run an over the bar mount, that's what I did on my 17 350XCF. I used to run sub-mounts to raise the bars since I am 6' 1" and my suspension guy had me go back to the stock height years ago on a different bike and I felt the bike truely does turn better..