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  1. a-camp

    Can I street legal 02 XR 250 in CA.?

    Come on - someone out there must have some current information for me. I can go to a person who does this special construction vehicle registration for $400. But I'd like to know which laws I'm skirting and what the chances are of losing my plate two years down the road. Any ideas?
  2. I am looking for a second bike to dual sport. I came across a 02 XR 250. Where I live I hear that all the guys who dual sported their 450X's ( like my bike) got a letter from DMV wanting the plates back. I dont know how bad these laws have got.
  3. a-camp

    Kennedy meadows ride

    I wish I could I went last week for four days. It was perfect. Next month.
  4. I rode Husky for a long time . Everything from 390 Automatics, WR 250, And most of the time the 500. They were much tougher than the Jap bikes and could be repowder coated and referbished easly. But they fell way back in tech. in the late 80s. They both have seemed to get well back in the game now. My nephew just received his third factory free bike from KTM a month ago. KTM may do better for the next few years then Husky will take over for a few. I ride Red..
  5. a-camp

    Ready to buy 05/06 450x need advice please

    Sounds like you're on the job. I like the tech stuff, so I went with the Works Full skid plate. It covers everything well. Just need to take some time to mount it. (some say it makes a loud vibration at high speed yet mine does not. Don't break the chain when you find there is no master link. It's not supposed to have one. It is an endless chain, totally cool and doesn't stretch hardly at all. You could throw on a BRP Shark Fin or if you have the cash you can go with the Scott's. Do the block off after you get your street plate in hand. Next for me will be the ASV levers. I want to adjust the front brake lever closer to my bars. I just got some new Maxima tires and like them. The stock front tire was the only thing I did not like about the 450x. I rode mine for almost a year close to stock and loved it. Now that its uncorked I can see why some people say its the best bike ever built.
  6. a-camp

    Kennedy meadows?????

    I was up there on 5/31 TO 6/3 AND IT WAS INSANE. I ride my 05 450x. I have never come across a ranger with a decibil meter up there. I didnt get checked at all this trip. 22 years ago when I first started riding there you could ride your 2-stroke all the way to the General Store with no hassels. I just went much louder last night has anyone had their sound level checked up there ? Well anyways there is lots of areas to learn up there. Just dont take the trails lightly. There is some like Rattlesnake and Jackass that could destroy the bike of a novice rider or worse.
  7. a-camp

    Ready to buy 05/06 450x need advice please

    OTD cycles cant be beet. Ive drove up there for the last few. I love my 450x. I just but the BRP jet kit in it and cut the air box ,pulled the pipe insert and its a totaly different bike. Also went with the BRP sub mount with the Scotts stablizer and Pro taper bars. Love it all.
  8. a-camp

    07 crf 450x coolant seeping at weep hole below w/p

    I have a 05 450x and it started leaking before my first ride. LA Honda told me as soon as I leave the showroom the bike is mine No Warranty. I called Honda and told them. They had me go to a local dealer and picked up the cost for repair. No problems since.
  9. a-camp

    The incredible 450X

    I picked up a 05 450X in 06. Its the best bike I have ever rode. I have had it out about ten times now. I like it more and more every ride. Its like a all day hummer. Just put on a Scotts dampener and a BRP sub mount with some Pro Taper Bars and im going out to The Ridge at 7:00 am .
  10. a-camp

    Who is going riding today.

    Its cool you have a indoor track. Im not much of a track rider, but any kind of riding is better than watching it on TV.
  11. I live in So.California. I am going riding at noon for few hours. We had some good rain at the start of the week so conditions should be great. Who else is going to twist today?
  12. a-camp

    New 4 strokes vs. CR500

    I think if both bikes were going 30mph and both cranked it on the 500 would walk away. What do you think?
  13. a-camp

    Is 3 too young?

    If you push to hard he may crash and get scared which could set him back 2 years. At 3 my son did not pay enough attention to quit crashing into parked cars .