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  1. moody

    Newbie KLX650R questions

    Thanks for the reply....I sent you a PM earlier. I live on the dry side:)) Yakima to be exact. I only live about 45 minutes from White Pass, we've got some excellent riding areas over here. I'll be sending you an email! Thanks!
  2. moody

    Newbie KLX650R questions

    Nobody's got a dual-sported KLX650? I really want to buy this bike but don't want to deal with licensing issues!
  3. Hello all, I'm a newbie and have a found a low hour 96 KLX650R for a really reasonable price. My questions are: 1. Does anyone still make a dual sport kit for this bike? I've spoken to Baja designs and it looks like this kit has been d/c. 2. I live in Washington state and would like to title this bike for street use...anyone know how difficult this is? I think this bike would be perfect for me as I live forty minutes from good off road riding and fireroads. Would love to be able to ride there without having to trailer the bike. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecitated!