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  1. I was wondering the same thing about Baldy Mesa? Why was it closed? I think there was fire up there which is probably why, but I would suspect it would be open now.
  2. I drive on the 60 fwy all the time and still see people riding and I live in Beaumont and hear people riding all the time. I tried to ride out in Gillman Springs when the restrictions were in place and there was a cop there that came up to the truck and told us not to even get out. Gave us a map of all the local riding tracks around.
  3. I haven't been on the site in a while and wasn't up to date on whether you can still ride in Riverside County in southern california still or not? I remember a while back they banned riding in Riverside county. Did they lift the ban? Can you still ride in that county still?
  4. No its not!
  5. Something to cosider too is if you have a wider tire on the back of the bike. If its wider than the stock tire then it will be more likely to rub. Otherwise use the washer to space it out. Its not a hokey thing to do. I did it on my bike and you can't even see it.
  6. Remember that the bikes you are sitting on are not set for the sag height for you. To measure the true height of the bike you have to set the sag and then make your judgement. Just keep that in mind.
  7. How did he climb through the window at that restaurant?
  8. A physical therapist or a chiropractor can fix it. Problem is that you have to go in through the rectum to get a hold of it! Kinda uncomfortable for the patient, but for the professional you just grab a hold of it and rotate it back into position. Make sure you get that lateral x-ray of it first to make sure! It can rotate again if you land on it wrong or something like that. Funny someone posted above that you wait for the nerves to die, never have heard of that one before and I have been a clinician for about 10 years now.
  9. Elliptical isn't bad but low impact. Stationary biking is the best for both the joints and for the quads! Try the upright bike for sure!
  10. Do you have numbness or tingling into your buttocks or back of your leg? When you sit does it feel like you are sitting on something pointy (sp?)? If it is a specific spot at your tailbone then it might be your coccyx bone is rotated, maybe from a hard landing where the seat contacted your butt? You would need a lateral x-ray to diagnose this problem.
  11. You need angled feeler gauges, or just straight ones and bend them yourself. You will need a torque wrench as well. Also you will need to either buy a decomp plug or cut the existing one to keep the hole sealed. Don't but the plastic kind as it doesn't work well. Either get the TT decomp plug or grind the existing one off. I believe that is about it. If you don't have a TT account then you will need to open something in photobucket and post pictures there through a link to your file.
  12. Anyone have pictures of how to get to the sand hill via google earth? I have been up there a couple times but don't know how to get there. ??????
  13. I use zip tyes to put my grips on. Just put about four zip tyes inside the grip and slide it on. The zip tyes will keep the grip from hitting the bar too much and it will slide on and then you just pull out the zip tyes and your are done! No grip glue and no mess! Works everytime!
  14. 2nd that opinion! The cam mod is by far the best money I have ever spent on my bike!!
  15. Gotta be the suspension! Get it checked!