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  1. anyonebut_24

    KLX 110 suspension changes

    I got a BBR heavy duty rear spring for your stock shock if you're interested, $50 shipped. A lot cheaper than buying a new shock and when the boy jumps on the bike he'll have an easier time with the rear suspension.
  2. anyonebut_24

    klx 110 prices

    I just bought an 06klx110 from otdcyclesports.com(same people as LA Cyclesports) for $1499 otd, 0 down, 0% for six months. Applied for credit online, they called back with approval, I drove down there and left with my bike after about 30 minutes. Great deal!
  3. anyonebut_24

    best swingarm for money

    check out www.downcomponents.net, excellent product, american made, brake extender included with swinger