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  1. Thanks guys problem fixed. its amazing what having a properly functioning multimeter does.. had a bad wire traced it back . did the free power mod and its fixed.
  2. ok so problem 1 my multimeter was faulty went and got another one. everything is testing fine now except output at the RR. with the bike running ant at about 5000 rpm im only getting 12.6 volts at the red and black wire that goes to the battery.
  3. I got a 2001 DRZ400s on a trade a few months ago. I know nothing about the history of the bike except the original owner used it as a dirt bike only so it was missing all the turn signals, tail light and mirrors. It also needed new rubber so I replaced everything and took her out on our first ride. got about 6 miles from home and she died. Had to get rescued. I got home and charged the battery over night. the next day checked the battery it was at 13.4 volts, started the bike and checked again and it was at 12.6, the stator obviously wasnt putting out. i tested it and sure enough nothing where it plugs into the rectifier. I replaced it and started the bike and still was only putting out just over 12 volts at the battery. I tested it and was getting no ohm reading between the 3 wires coming off of it. Figuring how my luck is I assumed I got a bad stator. returned that one and ordered a high output off the internet it came in today i installed it and I still getting nothing ( 2 volts before it goes into the rectifier). what else could it be.
  4. go to mrcycle.com they have all the oem parts ..
  5. yeah and i always wear RUBBER gloves when Im changing the oil on a "bike" I dont know that well, you dont want to get something on you that doesn't wash off!!!
  6. My son out grew his XR100 so I traded his Blaster for a 2005 TTR230. I own a CRF 230 which is a great bike suspension is a little soft but I was able to get BBR springs to fix that. The TTR230 is slow has no power and I can’t find any aftermarket parts for it I cant even find any parts on eBay. I have checked the Yamaha parts fiche and tried to compare parts from other bikes and they all have different part numbers. I need help what fits the TTR230 from other bikes. Parts I’m looking for, sprockets front and rear, levers, rear fender, throttle tube aluminum, brake pads and shoes, exhaust, jets for the teiki carb and whatever else I can find. I know the air filter from a TTR125 fits but that is the only part I was able to match up. Can someone please let me know what fits.
  7. about 80 hours and nothing but a blown fuse. i put some handguards to protect my levers. I always carry a small tool bag with me and I keep the basics in it as well as a new plug.
  8. I own one of each the crf wins everytime. more aftermarket upgrades, a little lighter, great overall power, honda's are the most reliable bikes out there, never pops out of gear. the ttr is a good bike my 14 y/o son rides it and loves it so keeping it stock is fine for now. If I had to get rid of one of them there wouldn't be any debate the ttr goes. Hell if someone wanted to trade me a crf or xr for the ttr I wouldn't think twice about it. Sorry I just read 10 pages on the post so I had to put my .02 in and keep it going.
  9. I checked 30 but i wont be for a few months. I have been riding in the dirt since I was 11 and on the street since 16
  10. I got a great looking polisport head light on ebay for my crf 230 on ebay for $7.00 brand new it is the dual beam light. I found a universal switch it has hi low and a kill switch works like it belongs on the bike. I also bought the same switch for my sons ttr230 and found him a street fighter headlight for only $10. Just do different searches for off road lights in the motorcycle parts search on ebay motors.
  11. I just got a ttr230 for my son. I took it out on the road to just open it up and notice the front tire is wobbling pretty bad at high speed. I put it up on a stand and spun it by hand it looks like someone may have overtightened the spokes and the wheel is not true. there is no damage to the rim it doesn't look bent. how can I get it back to true if that is the problem.
  12. Chemfrk great story and I must say from a former marine to a fellow service member thank you I know what you and your family have been going through. I also got my family into riding minus my 2 y/o son (next year). I have a crf 230 14 y/o son has a ttr 230 wife is just learning on a xr100 and 10 y/o daughter has a eton 90 4 wheeler. I hope you injurys healed and your back to having fun with the family and doing what you do for your country. Enjoy every minute riding with them and semper fi.
  13. Thanks for that looking at the parts catolog they looked the same but part numbers were different. One more thing I hope I can get some help with does the teikei carb use the same jets as mikuni and if so which pilot jet do I use. In the catalog I have it list 4 differnet style pilot jets for mikuni. I would like to know what one I need to order with out taking the carb apart ordering it then having to take it apart again to replace it when it come in. The way they have them listed is: Mikuni pilot jet : vm 28/486 Mikuni pilot jet : vm 22/210 Mikuni pilot jet : tmx 36/n224.103 Mikuni pilot jet : m28/1001 Then it lists the sizes below each of them. I just need to know which one is for the ttr230. It says stock is #36 but none of them even have a #36 listed they all have #35. I have searched everywhere I could minus calling a dealership. Can some please tell me what pilot i need Thanks.
  14. I just got my son a 05 ttr230 and I cant find any parts for it. I mainly need a new air filter now and want to get a good one and throw out the junk factory filter. Will the filter from another bike fit. I looked at the parts catolog online and the ttr125 filter looks the same but it had a different part number than the 230. I have a crf 230 and parts are all over for it with the ttr i cant find any. I understand its the first year but its almost 06 there should be some available.