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  1. Jim X, Thanks for the help. I've actually done both... cracked the throttle and held, as well as, twisting while kicking. Either way seems to work. I'll have to get back to you on checking valve clearances and all, as that's something I've never done before. We'll let you know what happens... Cheers from DownUnder Mate!
  2. Jim X, Thanks for the input. Here's some more info... Once the bike is started it runs crisp (purrs) with good throttle response. I have played with the Idle adjustment with no success. I've actually turned it almost all the way up, but no help. I still must twist the throttle to get it to start. It's almost like starting a 2-stroke. Looking at the plug tells me that it's running a little rich, but nothing excessive. Presently the bike is jetted as follows: Main Jet - 172s Pilot Jet - 45 Pilot Air Jet - 75 Leak Jet - 90 Starter Jet - 72 Needle Jet - OBELP, clip position 4 Two Turns on the Pilot Screw Pro-Circuit Exhaust If you or anyone else can think of something else to try... I'd appreciate the help.
  3. I just bought an 03 WR250F and can't get the bike to start without giving is at least some throttle. It doesn't matter if it's cold or hot. I've go through and cleaned all the jets etc. but still have the same problem. Any suggestions?