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  1. Thats the WORST PHOTOSHOP job I've seen in a long time. You can't seriously entertain the idea that thats a real picture can you??!!
  2. Does anyone have an idea of a topend rebuild cost? Someone has asked me on ebay and I never thought about it because it's never (and still doesn't) look like needing one for ages. I know a JE piston is about $250Au, but whats the valves and guides; seals; ect cost? Cheers, Dylan
  3. My money sink hole. Somebody please buy her, she needs to go to a good home. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250126691475
  4. Terry Hays Shock Treatment is fantastic. www.shocktreatment.com.au
  5. I know this may seem brash, but what were you thinking when you bought your 110lb woman a 350lb bike that she had no hope of sitting on. Other than that, everyone elses suggestions seem good (lenthening dog bones).
  6. If your 235lbs, then you would go much better with some .52's if you can get them and to back off the preload to about 5-8mm. This will give you a much better ride over bumps and the bike will feel stiffer and will also resist bottoming better, especially in g-outs.
  7. Putting a longer shock on won't be possible, as the dog leg link hits up against the frame. You can't use shorter dog bones (raising links) as the shock lower mount would hit the swingarm. If your any good with CAD, then get a new dog leg made. I might even design one myself for all you people. Or you could come visit OZ and buy my bike which is a good 3" taller than stock.
  8. I run a a Kenda Carlsbad 120/100 and Iv'e still got plenty of clearance to go to a 140/80 I reckon.
  9. Not working for me either. Says it's a broken link.
  10. How bigs the hole? if it's over 1/4", i'd be getting a bit of thin sheet and stitching it there.
  11. Sorry to hear. Somebody on wrong side of the road? I've got some stock straight forks that I could sell you pretty cheap if you want. Iv'e also got the triples as well. Cheers, Dylan
  12. There just honda ufo ones. I think your question relates to the large chunks of gold anodised stuff above the axle....they are ohlins forks. They cost slightly more than fork protectors.
  13. Heres my bitch. She's up for sale to if anybody's interested.
  14. You could buy a main for a couple of bucks, then you'd know what size you were running.
  15. ALL gasses expand at the same rate. If you want dry air from your compressor just put an air dryer off a plasma cutter or the like in the line. Cheers, Dylan