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    CZR Slip-on

    I asked this in yahoo groups. Has anyone seen this exhaust before? Looks to be of pretty goo quality (except the clamps). http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SUZUKI-DR650-DR-96-UP-CZR-PIPE-MUFFLER-EXHAUST-SILENCER_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35573QQihZ002QQitemZ120055629806QQrdZ1
  2. Thats the WORST PHOTOSHOP job I've seen in a long time. You can't seriously entertain the idea that thats a real picture can you??!!
  3. didtza

    Dr650 top end rebuild cost?

    Does anyone have an idea of a topend rebuild cost? Someone has asked me on ebay and I never thought about it because it's never (and still doesn't) look like needing one for ages. I know a JE piston is about $250Au, but whats the valves and guides; seals; ect cost? Cheers, Dylan
  4. didtza

    Post pics of your dirt ready DR !

    My money sink hole. Somebody please buy her, she needs to go to a good home. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250126691475
  5. didtza

    Sydney / Wollongong DR suspension guru?

    Terry Hays Shock Treatment is fantastic. www.shocktreatment.com.au
  6. didtza

    Need to Lower DR650 more than readily available

    I know this may seem brash, but what were you thinking when you bought your 110lb woman a 350lb bike that she had no hope of sitting on. Other than that, everyone elses suggestions seem good (lenthening dog bones).
  7. didtza

    Which fork springs for 650???

    If your 235lbs, then you would go much better with some .52's if you can get them and to back off the preload to about 5-8mm. This will give you a much better ride over bumps and the bike will feel stiffer and will also resist bottoming better, especially in g-outs.
  8. didtza

    RAISING the DR650?

    Putting a longer shock on won't be possible, as the dog leg link hits up against the frame. You can't use shorter dog bones (raising links) as the shock lower mount would hit the swingarm. If your any good with CAD, then get a new dog leg made. I might even design one myself for all you people. Or you could come visit OZ and buy my bike which is a good 3" taller than stock.
  9. didtza

    Those of you running an 18 inch rear wheel...

    I run a a Kenda Carlsbad 120/100 and Iv'e still got plenty of clearance to go to a 140/80 I reckon.
  10. didtza

    DR650 Valve Adjustment

    Not working for me either. Says it's a broken link.
  11. didtza

    mayday!!!!upper chain roller broke off!!

    How bigs the hole? if it's over 1/4", i'd be getting a bit of thin sheet and stitching it there.
  12. didtza

    04' 650 Supermoto

    Sorry to hear. Somebody on wrong side of the road? I've got some stock straight forks that I could sell you pretty cheap if you want. Iv'e also got the triples as well. Cheers, Dylan
  13. didtza

    Lets see your DR's

    There just honda ufo ones. I think your question relates to the large chunks of gold anodised stuff above the axle....they are ohlins forks. They cost slightly more than fork protectors.
  14. didtza

    Lets see your DR's

    Heres my bitch. She's up for sale to if anybody's interested.
  15. didtza

    Poormans mod

    You could buy a main for a couple of bucks, then you'd know what size you were running.
  16. didtza

    Why Nitrogen?

    ALL gasses expand at the same rate. If you want dry air from your compressor just put an air dryer off a plasma cutter or the like in the line. Cheers, Dylan
  17. didtza

    How Do I Tell If My DR650 Has Been Lowered?

    I reckon the easiest way would be measure (with the bike on a stand) the distance between the top of the fork outer and the bottom of the lower triple and compare your measurement to the 07' in the shop. Cheers, Dylan
  18. didtza

    New DR650 - What hoses can I get rid of?

    It's well advised to leave the crankcase hose in it's standard routing, as it prevents any dirt or oil ever entering. If you never ride on the dirt, then you could get away with it I suppose.
  19. That's because the midvalve flows a lot more oil than the base valve. The effect of changing oil weights on the base valve is negligible compared to the effect on rebound. The only thing it will really effect on the compression front is the low speed (clicker position).
  20. didtza

    Ohlins Shocks?

    Great build quality and wide range of adjustabilbity, but now no better than a new Kyb or Showa. They may last longer because of the steel body, but not much I should think. The secret to Ohlins continued success now is the time they take with setting up their shim stacks. Modern Jap or German stuff is just as good I think. Cheers, Dylan
  21. didtza

    Works Forks

    Except there's a lot of places that can custom make you a sproket. ChainGang in OZ will do any custom sprocket you want.
  22. didtza

    Works Forks

    So maybe there is more than meets the eye. Surprised they changed things like the brake pedal. The clutch probably still doesn't work as well as a hydraulic one (ever since I felt a gasgas one iv'e been in love). Weird axle setup it's got, though its not as larger diameter as I would have thought for works stuff. Don't know why they'd get special spox instead of just ordinary alloy ones, I mean they're going to change them after every race. That's a nice looking muffler, though I'm not at all a fan of rivited construction, it tends to flog out. I like the Micron stuff with the clamp together system.
  23. didtza

    Works Forks

    I just can't see the unobtainium parts except the factory suspension. All I see is a Hinson clutch, probably Talon hubs, a Pro Circuit exhaust, a Twin Air filter and what look like Bud racing triples. Not exactly Unobtainium. Maybe inside the motor there's some nice stuff. It's all too much show this motox business.
  24. didtza

    Do springs wear out?

    Ah mate all Hooks law states is that stress is proportional to strain until the yield point of the material. As long as the stress on the spring never reaches the yield point, the spring will never sag. If it does, then it lose it's set very rapidly. Same reason that aluminium handle bars when bent back have almost no strength.
  25. didtza

    Works Forks

    Doesn't look like much of a factory bike to me, just a nice bike with a lot of bling. Oh hangon, if you look at the bottom of the fork outers, you'll notice that there is only 1 bump instead of 2 like the standard forks. Just surprised that they'd use did rims instead of A60 excels.