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  1. I have a 2005 Honda CRF-70 with a wide case Zongshen 125cc engine, 1 down 3 up shift pattern Installed in 2006 now has at least 2000 miles or more. Has been perfectly reliable and taken a lot of abuse. Is smoking on start up now but that is to be expected after the crap Ive put it through not to mention all the dust and mud it constantly has been subjected to.. I am going to be looking for a replacement engine soon and I have not kept up/current with the newer big bore motors out there now. I ride trails/mud/woods/mountains for long distances at a time ( 60-120 miles in a day when I ride ) in the middle of nowhere West virginia & SE Ohio so I definitely need something reliable that will run all day even when caked in clay/mud.. I am looking for real world experience/opinions from people with any engine out there, not kids who play in their backyard or parking lots bashing something they dont like, I am wanting to get an engine in the 125-140cc area with at least 10hp, Any information on 160cc engine & whether they can run cool enough also would be appreciated. 1 down 3 up shift pattern is also desired. Neutral bottom all 4 up sucks when you are climbing ungodly steep hills and need to downshift quick with boots on and hit neutral. Looking for something that can survive, have attached some pics of my bike. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. Trail Punisher

    ttr125 front disc guard

    Yes, I have a blue one on mine, I believe it`s made by maier plastic and it didnt cost a whole lot.
  3. Trail Punisher

    Does anyone in SW Ohio ride pitbikes?

    I have an 02 XR-70 and an 05 CRF-70 with 125cc Chinese 4 speed manual clutch engines and a Rocketa big frame RDS-125x. I trail ride my bikes at Wayne National Forest and on the Hatfield McCoy trails in West Virginia. I added a light kit to the CRF 70 and have run 3 long distance enduros with it. Hard on the body though. I also ride around on the backk roads around here. I also have 4 CT-70 Mini-trail bikes with 86-125cc motors on them. My "Big" bike is an 06 TTR-125LE thats plated with lights.
  4. Trail Punisher

    ttr 125 rear wheel?

    Are the stock Yamaha TTR-125 wheels junk? My spokes are conatantly coming loose on the back wheel and last weekend one broke and poked a hole in the tube during a long distance event.
  5. Trail Punisher

    Jackson OH, Oak Hill

    I have not rode there at the highwall this year at all, they put the gate and trenches in last year and upped enforcement. People still acess from the west but you hace to cross over the land around the highwall to get to it. They are making legal trails out of the area surrounding the old cement plant, south of the Wolcott trailhead , which evantually will come real close to the hanging rock trails.
  6. Trail Punisher

    Nutcracker 200 this weekend

    Cant wait! I will be there Saturday
  7. Trail Punisher

    Local Ohio Trail Riders?

    http://www.kaeppnerswoods.com/ This would be a good ride for you. The Adventure ride is easy, I think all roads.probably too easy and not much fun. The dual sport is more woods riding with some challenges. I will be there this saturday riding the dual sport ride with a buddy of mine. It is probably 1 1/2 hrs from Dublin.
  8. Trail Punisher

    Jackson OH, Oak Hill

    There are 2 Wayne trail systems, one nearby south of Oak Hill and the other in Ironton. They can be connected, especially if your bike is street legal or if you want to take a chance if its not. Right now the area between the 2 systems has a lot of Rangers as they are mapping and expanding the legal Wayne trails into areas between the 2 trail systems where we usually play. There is also an empty former strip job south of oak hill and bordering the Telegraph trailhead to the north with a highwall area and woods but enforcement there has been pretty strong the last 2 years as a nature group aquired some of the area and the rest I heard is being turned into a major garbage dump with a railhead for east coast trash.
  9. Trail Punisher

    Ohio - Perry

    Well???? How was it???????/ Get Punished???????
  10. Trail Punisher

    Wayne tomorrow?

    No helmet law in Ohio,either on or off the trails unless you are under 18 I think. The trails are on Federal land I have been hit head on several times on both bikes and ATV`s there on the Main corridor and the Door run main loop, once on a Brand new Yamaha ATV , had about 2 miles on it and it got slammed as I creeped around a blind corner after crossing a bridge, I hit helmet to helmet with a 300lb guy on a Honda Foreman going fast without regards to the blind corner. people go too fast there , especially after they groom sections of the trail.
  11. Trail Punisher

    lets see your pair of bikes haha

    Try it now. I can see them from the links here at work. I need to put them up on another site.
  12. Trail Punisher

    lets see your pair of bikes haha

    http://new.photos.yahoo.com/punisherjbracing/album/576460762348902070/photo/294928803736212079/1 2002 XR-70 with 125cc 4 speed manual clutch motor, aluminum re-inforced handguards, flex shifter, adjustable shock, muffler tip mod. http://new.photos.yahoo.com/punisherjbracing/album/576460762348902510/photo/294928803736213830/1 2005 CRF 70 with 125cc 4 speed After a 120 mile enduro last year with same mods as the XR-70 except acerbis handguards with a street legal 12 volt light kit and plated in ohio.
  13. Trail Punisher

    Trail Riding Near Bellefontaine Ohio?

    Too many birdepeepers in that area to ever have anything good happen for off roaders. Plus it`s flat land in Ohio, which means big $$$ for some landowner/developer someday.
  14. Trail Punisher

    Hillsboro, Ohio APV park?

    Isnt that the Pike state forest APV area? There is also a couple of campgrounds- One is Longs retreat?? Been awhile since Ive been there if this is the same place.
  15. Trail Punisher

    Southern Ohio Dual Sport Ride

    I made it up the hillclimb, I had to go up and pull off on the right and wait in the trees for a minute as 2 or 3 bikes were stuck as I was going up it. I saw you at the top when I stopped to pull a stick out of my chain/shifter. I should have rode sunday as well for the trail riding, I like to trail ride a lot and some road in the long distance events on my bikes. A few serious challenges are good also but I would rather mess around with a whole lot of that difficult stuff in Wayne, Perry or West Virginia. That deep rut along the ravine on the trail before that hillclimb almost ate me. I got there late for the ride and l amost didnt make the start of the ride, and I was near the back most of the day. there are several enduros in south ohio this summer and fall.