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  1. duc750ss

    Front end swap

    Cool, do you think $300.00 is too much or about right?
  2. duc750ss

    Front end swap

    Thanks for the responses. The front end I am looking at includes the forks, triple clamps and all bearings. No axle or wheel. Eddie are you saying that I can use a supermoto rotor on my DRZ wheel or will I need the supermoto wheel, rotor, and calipers?
  3. duc750ss

    Front end swap

    Is it possible to run a DRZ Supermoto front end on a 2002 DRZ400S?
  4. duc750ss

    DRZ400S oil capacity

    I checked all of the FAQ's but did not see anything related to my problem. I changed the oil and filter on my 2001 DRZ400S. My manual says the capacity is 1.9 quarts when the filter is changed. I filled the frame tube with 1.9 quarts but it does not even show on my dipstick. I measured the oil I drained at approx 3 quarts. What gives.
  5. duc750ss

    mountain biking...

    imo you wont get much of a mtb for 500. especially since you are a motorcycle guy any you will ride the mtb like you ride your harescrambles bike. a cheap bike will literally fall apart, i have seen it happen. If you are inclined you should buy a frame and all the components and put the bike together yourself, that is probably the cheapest way to a good bike. i ride a gary fisher hookooekoo, steel framed hardtail, sram, mavic wheels, marzocchi fork, tubeless tires, chris king head, etc. mtb cooooooool.
  6. duc750ss

    best place to buy tires?

    I have a set of brand new never mounted Dunlop 606's. Just purchased 3 weeks ago. I have decided that I need a street tires. I will beat the retail price if you pay shipping.