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  1. Mikuni does need shorter cables, that's why.
  2. maybe a poor quality sprocket?
  3. And how is it running and sounding?
  4. I see you've got a skid plate. what can possibly go wrong?
  5. I am running 14-45 for puttering and MX-style and 15-45 (standard for europe) for longer hauls through the woods.
    Can do everything pretty good at low cost. Very fun to drive and less dangerous than my previous KTM's.
  6. 0 comments

    Can do everything pretty good at low cost. Very fun to drive and less dangerous than my previous KTM's.
  7. The cap will probably be too soft for pliers. Hammer it with an old screwdriver at the circumference. It will come of. In pieces probably. had the same issue.
  8. Put the 122.5 and 118 in. She a beast! Idles better, Runs 10 degrees (Celcius) cooler, more power in total range and super response. I'm a happy thumper!
  9. Hi, Kind of newbi but learning about jetting fast. Uncorked my xl600r and burned told me to rejet. My cuurent jetting (standard) is: primary carb: 118 main and 62 slow Sec. Carb: 115 main I'm thinkin of putting the 118 in the sec. carb and replace the primary main with something about 122. Do i need to replace the slow jet too? What does this little bugger do?
  10. XL600R '86 Twin air filter Uncorked stock exhaust I'm idling a little lean on my xl600r '86 (greyish spark). When I turn the mixture screw out about 3 turns idle improves, but 3 is too much out so I read. two options: - Put the idle needle a notch higher or. - Put a larger pilot jet in (still stock) What's the better option? Thnx, Remco
  11. Thnx guys. The fender mod seems easy enough, I'll see differece this makes.
  12. When Im cruising on my XL600R wirh a speed of about 110 km/h (68.35057631963215 M/H thanks to covert.exe " the temp on the dipstick reads about 110 D/Celcius (230 F). Is this too High? Outsite temperature was about 10 Degrees Celcius (50 F). What will happen in the summer (Well that would be a Dutch summer, so average outside temp about 20 Celcius) I Feel it's a bit high, cold this bee from running a litte lean? (Exhaust uncorked, Twin air filter, Box still snorkeled)
  13. Thnx, OldThumperlovers site led to a Part No (18291-216-000) which (through led to dim's. (40 x 32 x 4). Thanx Guys for the help. Remco
  14. Good gesture, I'll check.