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  1. XRCaptain

    Burned by MX South on Ebay :(

    Im not ebay guru, but I also wait for the buyer to leave + feedback. Then, I leave it for him/her. I, like many have been scammed. I bought a bike from a guy who didnt set a reserve and sold it for far less than it should have gone for. He didnt follow through and left me neutral feedback.
  2. XRCaptain

    WR250F V. YZ250F (or "which should I get")

    I do agree with some of the arguements here regarding the WR over YZF, I just know that 2 riders in our club are on Ys and they have poured alot of cheese into them. Rekluse, 18"Excel rears, and Athena kits. One did a revalve on the shocks, the other softened up the stock sus. Both guys won helmets (sero)last year and one is 63 Yrs Young. Ive just bought an 04 with hotcam and quickshot that was set for the track. I cant wait to get this beast whipped into woods condition.
  3. XRCaptain

    XR 250 Rings

    Thanks buddy. I will contact Wiseco on monday. I didnt see any listings for the rings on the wiseco site. Ride safe. and again.. thanks. Jim
  4. XRCaptain

    XR 250 Rings

    Greeting All, This is my first post, so go easy on me. I have a 98 XR 250 that jammed a shift fork. That part has been taken care of, in putting the engine back together, I pinched an oil ring and assumed the bike was still on the stock bore. Nope, my question is, I need a new set of rings, does wiseco sell just the rings, or do I have to buy another piston?
  5. XRCaptain

    Non-O-ring chain

    Are you a Zonie? I worked on the canal for a week in 1998 and while at Gamboa, a guy zipped by on a Yamaha 175 with a Garand strapped to the side. I bet the riding in the mountains is totally F-ing great Take Care Jim
  6. XRCaptain

    XR 250 Noise

    undefined Ok Shop techs, Ive got a 98 XR250R that may need some parts. May need adustment. Its making some tinging noise in the top end after it warms up. The bike smokes for a few seconds after starting. Im running 10-40 castrol oil. The bike seems to run fine, but I don't want to burn it up if I can help it... any suggestions????
  7. XRCaptain

    Novice rider on too much bike.

    Sounds like a great problem to have. Years ago I went from a Suzuki PE 175 to a CR 500. The 500's suspention combined with the amazing acceleratoin took some getting used to. I suggest riding the bike like you did the 125, but save that mind numbing power for the occaisions that you need it. Like near the top of that hill that would have choked the 125. Unless you can ride 95MPH thru the woods, you will never completely use this bike to its potential. So use the extra power like a pocket knife... pull it out when you need it.
  8. XRCaptain

    97XR250 Forks

    Hey guys is there a PDF file or a portion of the site where I can access dis-assembly and reassemble instructions for the forks... I need to change the leaking seals and flush the whole works out. Thanks.... Capt.
  9. XRCaptain

    How far have you jumped?

    I landed on my face. The bike followed me down and spiked my on the back. They cut my 30 dollar jersey off in the emergency room. Result, seperated shoulder.