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  1. When I saw the title of this thread I was like "are you kidding!!!???". It's good to see that it wasn't some jerk being dumb. But usually when people say "it's not hard at all. All you do is sit down and twist the throttle." I have gotten pretty good at answering this question as I have been racing competitively for about 4 years and riding for around 7. all you gotta say is...... "Alright, think about this for a second. You have to carry around 200 pounds of dry weight, (not including oil, gas, MUD), throw it around corners and jumps in the direction you want it while going as fast as you can and not falling, because now you have to pick up that 250 pounds. Now, put on heavy, full out gear, and ride around in the beating hot sun for 15 minutes for 4 times in a day, and hope in the mean time you don't break some sort of bone" They USUALLY shut up.
  2. Baergen

    Tech 8 Sizing?

    the thing about going to a dealer and trying some on is I would feel pretty guilty going in there, trying on their boots and have no intentions of buying them from the store, instead, I'm going to get them on the internet.
  3. Hey. Im just looking to buy a pair of alpinestars tech 8's (formerly had the fox F3's. THEY ARE JUNK BOOTS BTW. fall apart and allow several broken toes and the the customer service sucks) but anyways... I have heard that because of the bootie inside of the tech 8 the sizing seems to be smaller. I'm probably buying them off btosports.com or motosportoutlet or ebay, and I can't really try them on. I am a size 10 shoe size and my fox F3's (which, just for your knowledge, were junk boots) were a size 10. Could anyone help me out on what size I should get....?
  4. There was a thread a while ago that showed pics of before and after of their bikes. Thought it was cool so i thought i would start up another one. I'll start i guess... Before (I couldnt find a pic from any folders on my computer so I took a shortcut) After these are new. they're awsome. highly recomended. the new renthal kevlars
  5. Baergen

    Anaheim II track.....

    well im 17, if thats a kid. and i've been into motocross hardcore for about 3 or 4 years. and honestly i realy dont notice the tracks being the same. never realized it. good to know. and i appreciate those guys from the 80's as much as i can. i wasn't even born when that all went down. so how much can i realy get into it? and im getting kinda tired of everyone beaking me i just wanted to see what everyone else thought. all my motocross buddies didn't like it either so i was just wondering.
  6. Baergen

    AMA or Canadian ???????

    man, if they realy wanted to make it like the canadian series they could. they could hire one or two more guys which are all experts at that kind of stuff and they could do alot with the AMA races. it's just that the Canadian races look at battles sometimes all the way back to 13th and 14th. unless there is a realy good battle up front.
  7. Baergen

    AMA or Canadian ???????

    so true
  8. haha. that actually made me laugh a bit.
  9. Baergen

    Anaheim II track.....

    wow. alright i have a few things to say. the track wasnt all bad. i agree that it made it more difficult but there were some parts that they realy just needed to leave out. like the wall. and just cause we are from canada doesnt mean we only watch and race at canadian tracks. actually i am more in tune with american motocross then canadian and i race in the states, so its not like none of us have ever heard of them. also i understand bubba was hurt. im not churping him one bit. he's awsome so where that comment came from is beyond me. and these forums are for people opinions and inputs on things and to see what others think so that people don't "have to keep it to themselves." and i think everyone would agree here that is from canada that the canadian motocross races are more exciting to watch then the americans. way more battles, points are always closer and BOTH announcers konw what they are tallking about and are good and exciting to listen to. p.s- the weather for the past few days has been around 13-14 degrees celcius. thats warm by the way if you were wondering.
  10. Baergen

    Anaheim II track.....

    the sand section was nice. i always liked that but just watching them go that slow just seemed irritating for me.
  11. Baergen

    favorite tire

    dunlop 756 in front and rear. i notice they last realy long and i realy like the traction in the mud for them. once you get used to it it mud it reealy makes a difference. michelin is realy nice too. havnt had a problem with them yet.
  12. Baergen

    Supercross Anaheim II track.....

    .....sucked!!! that was the worst made track i have ever seen. there have been things back in the 80's too like mud pit and boulders section (or something like that) that were around and for obvious reasons aren't around anymore. which is why they should keep the 80's style tracks back in the 80's, instead of doing a near replica of it when it's 2008. it was boring and annoying to watch. it was slow, narrow and too add to it all, Bubba wasn't racing. the whole nerdy 80's theme to it was embarassing too as there were friends over at my house taht i wanted to get them into watching the races and this was NOT a good impression. any opinions? p.s. good for reed on winning the race. got nothing against that guy
  13. Baergen

    scam or not? this just in today...

    there are some like these that are soooooooooo obvious it just makes you laugh. the next time this happens to me im actually going to send them a box with nothing in it but a paper that in big bold letters says, "*** YOU"
  14. they arent polished at all. just cleaned well i guess. and if you look closely i have factory effex rim decals on them.
  15. and ya that guy is pretty tall. and just to let you know he doesnt race with his chain like that. the sprocket and chain were junk anyways....from what i remember anyways.