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  1. Peanut , are thoes hi-loc rivets , holding that stand together ??
  2. Cisco , yery nice bike . I was wondering, how do you like thoes , Fasstco flex bars ? Was thinking about a pair myself, would like to hear some feedback on them ! Do you see any shortcomings of the setup ?
  3. Hey guy's, just wondering if anyone here, has tried to get a plate in PA. on a yz250. If so, how hard was it , any major problems ?? Trying to decide between a yz250 or a wr250. any input would be great! Thanks.
  4. I ,thought I saw something ,like this somewhere before, that the chain was too tight, and during the suspension cycle's ,it was binding ,and finally broke the hub. Just a thought ??
  5. Bryan, just wondered, if there is any new news, about the all blue plastic . Are you any closer to finalizing, a place that will produce them ? Hate to be a pain, Thanks !!
  6. Brian, if this blue plastic becomes available, would I be able to get all blue plastic....ie.....blue headlight shroud, sideplates ? thanks !!
  7. Mal , I'm looking at my stock hose and it looks like the more flexable end is at the top. With all the trouble you encountered on this job, you might just want to call the MFG. , before you rip into it again ? Just a thought........
  8. Test...............
  9. Heres the info: www.worldofcycles.com They are closed Jan 2 - 5. The phone is 412-269-9999 or 800-860-0686 . Good map on thier site too! Good luck !!
  10. H.c. , There is a good place near, pittsburgh international airport , " Bob Tracey's World of cycles" . It is a suzuki - yamaha dealer, with a pretty large selection of gear. I'll see if I can find a number for it, in a bit for you.
  11. Thanks guys , I know ,I know, quit being so cheap and buy a manual. I'm working on it ! I was just tinkering around tonight, trying to see how far I could raise the fork's, to lower the bike a little . Ran into a problem with the ign. switch hitting the top of the fork. Need to make a new switch bracket ? any ideas? Thanks !!
  12. Hellow all, Does anyone happen to know the torque, for the 8 bolts, securing the front shocks, to the tripple clamp? Also was there ever a post that had all of the torques listed for the bike? Thank's for the help !!
  13. Hey guy's , thanks for the replies, It's good to hear that the match is so close , I think i'm going to order one, after the first of the year. Thanks again !
  14. Hi all , just wondering if , anyone has any input, on how well the color matches on the blue 3.9 clarke tanks . Also is there a market, for the original stock tank, or do most people hang on to them ( just in case ) ? Thanks!!