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  1. That really sucks. I used to ride there a lot when I was stuck living in Chicago.
  2. I don't race! too old and severly fat. I ride some private tracks and ride some family owned land
  3. Columbus
  4. I should have mentioned this in my last post. The cams are being replaced FOC.
  5. Yep, I went to run the valves and the plating had come off the right exhuast lobe. The right intake lobe has a chip in it also.
  6. 07 6.6hrs and have to put new cams in it.
  7. This is killing me! I remember the good ole days at WIU of trying to round up $4.25 for a twelver of Key Light.
  8. 1973 XR75 that I got for my 8th birthday. That thing ran great until I learned to ride it. Once I learned how to go fast it would run for two hours and then have to go back to the shop.
  9. I am not an expert by any means but I think your height has a lot to do with you feeling uncomfortable. What is your bike setup? I would recommend a taller seat and some bar clamps to raise the bar height. I’m 6’ 2” and raising the bars about ½ in help me tremendously.
  10. loans, loans, loans
  11. I'll vote for fundementals and stamina. I always crash or make stupid mistakes when I'm tired.
  12. The same thing happens every time I change my oil too. The sight glass has very little tolerance between low and full. If you have done a thorough job of draing your oil, you may have to add a little more than the manual calls for:blah: . I always change my oil at night, put in the recomended amount, fire it up and check the level the next morning.
  13. I see that you live in AZ! How much does the temperature vary between night and day?
  14. I throw in my 2 cents as the 07 is the first 4 stroke that I have owned. I haven’t noticed any hit with this engine. Like others have said it just pulls hard and spools quickly. With a little throttle control these bikes are easier to ride than any 250 2stroke that I have ever ridden. I’m a big dude too (6’2”) and fat, I would definitely recommend some higher bar clamps and a higher bar bend. I feel like I’m going over the bars when braking hard.
  15. The hour meter must be instaled at or beyond the coil. A coil is a mini transformer that steps up the voltage. There isn't enough voltage running though the wires that lead into the coil to operate the hour meter. I'm sure there are other members that are a lot smarter then I am, maybe somone else can give us all a better explanation.