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  1. MXPRO

    (56k!) A day at NCMP......

    Looks like you guys had a blast and that's what really matters. But from an old timer, in that one corner with the huge ruts on the inside, that's where you need to be!! Ruts are so fun once you figure them out, like a slot car on a track. Ride on.........
  2. MXPRO

    Millville Photo Overload

    Awesome pics, I like all of those! Thanks
  3. MXPRO

    Decent corner.....

    Second gear, pretty much tapped out. I have been doing this a long time and even I will admit a corner like that is a rare find. It took probably 15-20 passes to get the rut set in the berm correctly. After that, it was like you were on rails:cheers: I did end up busting my butt later in the day, its all good though, it's going to happen sooner or later:o See ya.....
  4. MXPRO

    Decent corner.....

    Dogger, thanks man, that's pretty cool. later......
  5. MXPRO

    Decent corner.....

    I appreciate the comments guys, it is a private track in middle TN that is very nice. That day couldn't have been much better, great weather, great friends and a great track. At my age, I'm just glad to still ride and be able to walk the next day:thumbsup: Traxx-hopefully you can heal up and get back to riding soon. It was my first post here but I have been around for awhile reading and stuff. Very cool site by the way. Take care........
  6. Local track in late December, we need some decent weather again, soon!! Enjoy..........