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  1. Motocross

    Ryan Villipoto rode a great season no doubt. I kind of feel like RD's team lost him the championship, both in supercross and in motocross. Chain breaking in the supercross season with the dnf. This year his bike quits, gets dnf, then more recently his bike is not ready for the start of the race and starts almost a lap down. I wonder what the outcome would have been had those things not happened. Suzuki def not the same since DeCoster left. Villipoto still rode well both seasons. I think he proved more that he earned the outdoor than the indoor. Seemed like int he indoor he was the lucky one who capitalized on stuarts screw ups most of the time.
  2. 20w60 seems a bit too thick. just my .02. Too thick to deliver through the motor well. especially in cold weather.
  3. I swapped an o4 yz 450 swing arm and shock onto my 01 426. I know its different but I had to use the 01 inner swing arm bearing races due to different swing arm bolt diameter, I had to use a combination of the 01 linkage and the 04 linkage and I had to get an 04 rear axle. Might have to do the same if the rear geometry changed some.
  4. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-18616.html
  5. I guess my post count doesn't warrant a response from anyone.
  6. As DHS said. There is a difference between the clearance cold and the clearance hot. The expansion due to the temp would make up that extra little bit.
  7. I ran the oil exclusively in my bike for eight years. 2001 426. Never had any issues. I think the think to look for is to make sure the oil is not energy saving.
  8. Supercross

    Lets revive this thread based on the last couple of years after RC retired. I say RV or RD will be the next RC.
  9. Just asked thumper racing about the leaking issues with there steel sleeves. They said it was a thing of the past. Here is what was said. The DRZ sleeve is wet vrs the YZF sleeve which is dry. What that means is to install the DRZ sleeve you have to completely remove/machine out the inner cylinder and the sleeve which has the potential to leak- although we haven’t had one leak that I know of in over 4 years. The problem was mainly due to the way the sleeves were installed back then. We now use a different sealing process on the DRZ sleeves that has eliminated this issue. The DRZ is a completely different sleeve compared to what is done to the 426 cylinder. The YZF is a dry sleeve which fits inside the cylinder and the sleeve is similar to plating because the water jacket is not compromised when the sleeve is installed. The only safe way to big bore the YZF is to sleeve the cylinder. The Stock 426 cylinder becomes too thin if you just over bore and re-nicasiled it and can crack so to maintain strength and cylinder integrity a steel sleeve must be used for this kit. That being said what do you guys think or know from experience about the 444 kits on a 426 without a steel sleeve, just the bore and recoat.
  10. I wasn't sure. Thats the only two stroke I had ever rebuilt. ONly ever owned two.
  11. The only advice I can give is based on what happened to me when I rebuilt my old 94 ktm 300. The service manual said to make sure you get the right base gasket thickness to get the proper deck height. I had purchased a new ktm piston and had it resleeved and bored because the cylinder was cracked and needed a sleeve to fix. I had the idea of putting a thinner base gasket on it to bump compression up slightly. Upon putting it together and starting it up in was making a strang sound like a da da da da da da like the piston was hitting something. Tore it down to find out the piston was hitting the top of the exhaust port. Ruined the piston and rings. Sent it back assuming the company that sleeved it did it wrong, they replaced the piston and either relseeved and rebored or went one size larger. I cant remember its been a while. However it is possible that the cause was the thicker base gasket. I ordered the correct gasket the second time and no problems. Hard to say if that was it but it could be the cause.
  12. Late reply but yes the alien exhausts are great. Been running it for three years now. Now with big bore kit. 110 plus porting, cam and intake and carb. Runs like a champ.
  13. Supercross

    Glad to see Mike Brown out there again. I passed him once believe it or not. It was on Buffalo Mountain in Johnson City Tennessee. He was on a bicycle though, so it isn't really saying much.
  14. a 200 is a girls bike
  15. That may be true for a two stroke but not on a four stroke. See the crank case is separate from the tranny. The crank and rod and wrist pin have needle bearings and are lubed with the oil that is in the gas so this goes on as normal. The only thing that does not have oil then is the tranny which does not rely on oil pressure. And I don't think two strokes have oil pumps. any modern four stroke with an oil pump would be done in not time. Four strokes have to have oil pressure or they will die fast.