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  1. HFD267

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    I'm in NW Indiana and looking for friends that still ride. All my buddies are retiired but I can't stop. I can ride +45 B on a good day. C on a cruising type day. Just wanna ride! anybody looking to help a brother find his way? Let me know, I want in, Thanks, Scott call or text 2196281586
  2. Where exactly did this information come from? Sounds like typical Reoublican scare tactics. I read alot and try to stay current in the political theatre and have not read anything about this. I bet this runs the same line as the Liberals coming into your house and taking your guns. Not gonna happen!
  3. HFD267

    Indy SX Pit Passes?

    Indy was closed at the RCA dome because it was sooo small. Still closed this year but maybe in the future they will open. I don't know, but I'll let you know how it was. I got a hook up with a team so I'll be in the pits and we'll see if their any bigger at Lucas and if they have any plans to open them.
  4. HFD267

    New guy from NW Indiana - places to ride?

    There are a few places for MX that are easy to find. DIRT MX and Motoland are in Kingsbury and are open on the weekends. There is another practice track in Hobart that is a members only place but is very cheap $200/yr. Not the best place but since I'm in Hobart I go there when time is short. FMX Paradise in Medaryville also has weekend rides but members can go 7 days a week. I know your looking for trails but if all else fails.....MX is better than sitting on the couch.
  5. HFD267

    Blair Morgan ?

    There was a 1 page article/interview in ESPN magazine last week. Says he has already been on a snowmobile and has plans for a bike soon.
  6. For those that are, or who are married to, check out http://www.indianafpmx.com. The Fire Police races are for a great cause and are open to anyone.
  7. HFD267

    So faster is better for ruts and such?

    Pick one before you get there, then as you approach the rut, look at the end. You go where you look! If you look down over the front fender you will end up there, on the ground. If you look at the end of the rut where it starts to smooth out, thats where you will end up. You've heard it before but it does really work, look ahead. Suck it up one time and don't look down, hold your gaze on the end. Keep your speed and you WILL come out the other end.
  8. Try a different oil. My bike would creep when I used Yamalube but since I switched to Amsoil I don't have that problem.
  9. HFD267

    U.S open ?

    I think the cheap seats give you a better view. $100 seats are closer to the track but you can't see the lane thats closest to you. With that being said, I always buy the package deal, $200 for all 3 days and includes pit passes.
  10. HFD267

    Fire & Police MX Charity race

    It was hard to get a good flow on the track. It was very easy to over jump many of the tables and doubles. The whoops were very hard to get through with any speed but it was still a good time and for a good cause.
  11. HFD267

    Fire & Police MX Charity race

    They were supposed to be working on the track and finishing tomorrow in time for Fridays Open Ride.
  12. HFD267

    Fire & Police MX Charity race

    Just in case you didn't know what to do this weekend. G & S Racings Motoplex in Laotto, IN will host an open practice for anyone who wants to ride on Aug 8. Aug 9 & 10 will be race days. Free camping at the track. Lots of freebies and raffles. All proceeds go to the Hoosier Burn Camp. Where else can you pass a cop and not get a ticket? Go to http://www.indianafpmx.com for more info.
  13. HFD267

    Fire & Police MX Charity race

    Little more than 1 week til the gate drops. Be there!!!
  14. HFD267

    Martial Arts anyone?

    How much do you charge for about 1-1/2 hours and do you do baloon animals?
  15. HFD267

    Martial Arts anyone?

    Ice Cream and a Clown