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  1. Djay

    I am so Proud...of Myself

    \Thanks guess I am SOL... don't use a hosting site.
  2. Djay

    I am so Proud...of Myself

    How the heck do you post pictures????? I want to post my pictures
  3. Djay

    I am so Proud...of Myself

    I can hardly wait.
  4. Djay

    I am so Proud...of Myself

    Blonde to boot... yes it took me this long..
  5. Djay

    What's Your Opinion?

    I feel your pain... 1st round of this fall series we had 1... (me) 2ed round we had 4, 3ed 7, 4th 4, and the final round last weekend 3 that ws on the Harescramble side of racing, C-vet womens class, I finished the series 1-2-2-1-1. I am pretty happy being a granny and all..
  6. Djay

    I am so Proud...of Myself

    My Bikes arn't small, KTM 200 and 300...any bigger and I could not pickem up... LOL
  7. I know a few of you know that I have been working my ass off (literly) for the last few years and have been sucessfull with keeping the weight off all 100 pounds. The Battle of weight loss came to me after I was in a pretty major accident in Jawebone Canyon on my dirt bike, as I layed in teh Hospital bed for 9 days, I cried and cried and thought if I could only be small like the other ladies... enough of the sob story. so with all that said I went from 258 to 145, I started racing the "real" points paying series this past Spring and was riding decent but not good enough. So I decided boost my confindence and I started taking lessons from Brian Garrahan. I am now addicited not only have I become a more confident rider but I am also having more fun than I could have ever thought. its amazing the things you can do on a bike when your in control. the best of all I WON the C-Vet Womens series for the fall... THANKS GBROS....
  8. Djay

    New 09 RFGP Women's Champion

    Woo Hoo.... good job...Its the best feeling to be out on your bike in the lead.
  9. Djay

    What's Your Opinion?

    Here is California D-36 Started a few years back with the "Beg Womens" Classes, As more and more of us started racing they saw that some were better riders and they added the Diva class to the beg. womens race, 35+ is considered "Diva". Now they have added a Womens "Vet" class to the mens race for those of us that have been moved by the steward. the Spring Series they added the C-Vet women, and for this past fall series we had a B-Vet women class added too. I think its very good to have the women classes, Once they start they won't stop. Here is Cal. I think my first race we had 1 or 2 ladies, now were up to 5 to 20 on the line depending on the venue.. Ride on ladies and fight for your spot on the line.
  10. Djay

    Women's Riding Class-August 22-23

    I am sure if enough of us are willing he will be too... Hey Karna, how did you do at the Bear Foot, See your running 2ed O/A? Did you clean up in Stoney???
  11. Djay

    Moving Up in the World...

    Welcome to 2 wheels, I rode a CR125 for a bit, Until I rode the KTM 200 EXC, Love it.. great woods bike.
  12. Djay

    Women's Riding Class-August 22-23

    Hi all its been a bit... Kudos to the Aug class, I am also attending the Decembers class. Thanks to Brian G, I ran this past fall series and won the C-Vet Womens class with a 1,2,2,1,1 Finish... Hats off to GBroU... Hope to see some new faces at the December class, traction should be epic.
  13. Djay

    D36 Beginner Women - Cow Mountain

    So glad to hear you enjoyed it... I'll see you in Met Calf... in October. I'll look you up.. I'll be racing C-Vet Women. See you at the races, another hooked. ;-/
  14. Djay

    Possible Bike Swap: KDX 220 to a KTM 250

    I came off the KDX220 onto the KTM 200, I really like the 220, its a tad heavey but a great bike, I rode the 200 for a year and tried my husbands 300 the 300 is a GREAT BIKE, goes anywhere. I have now traded bikes with the Hubby he likes the pipeness of the 200 where I like the low end of the 300. Go Orange, you won't be sorry.
  15. Djay

    D36 Beginner Women - Cow Mountain

    Good Luck April, you will have a great time... I started racing d-36 in the beg. womens class. I now ride C-Vet Women. I wish I was going to be at Cow but I crushed my pipe at my first desert race a couple of weeks ago. All I can say is drink lots of water the week before to hidrate. Keep focused and PIN IT!!!LOL :-)