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  1. Have brand new sprockets, chain (properly adjusted) and clutch. So those things are ruled out lol.
  2. Okay, I searched around first before posting this but none of the threads I looked at seemed to have the same problem as me. Maybe I didnt search far enough back? So, sorry in advance if repost. To the point, I have a 2005 YZ250F and every gear feels perfect except when I get into 5th. After about 1/4 throttle the bike starts skipping and if you give it full throttle it pulls but you can feel it skipping as you accelerate. Would this be a boogered up gear or what? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Havnt rode my bike since '06 has been sitting since.
  3. how much am i looking at spending?
  4. well when im in 5th gear and i get on it, the bike seems to skip like the clutch is trying to engage and it jerks. it only does this in 5th gear could this be a worn clutch or somethin like that?
  5. Well i was riding my 05 yz250f out at my practice track when i stopped to check my chain because i had just got a new one when i noticed a liquid all over my radiator and motor. I imediatly shut the motor off, checked the radiator for any engine ice and there was none to be seen. so i began walking home. when i got home i took the shroud off looked around to see anything noticeable, couldnt find anything. well i filled up the radiator with water and it was pumping and not leaking. i took it out to see fi it was going to leak any and it didnt but when i got home the motor was extremely hot. Me being the idiot that i am decided to wash it off right when i got home i sprayed the motor then imediately stopped because the cylinder was steaming from the water i had just sprayed on it. i havnt exactly washed it right after i got back but is that supposed to happen? any suggestions? Thanks, Brandon.
  6. why dont you just buy a yellow yzf450
  7. Ian - Pax trax is the best track around. IMO best track in florida. havnt been to seminole or bartow but i have talked to people that have and still like pax the best. they have the nicest facility with the safest track imo. all tables no doubles. way fast - its florida i think youre just jealous you cant do it
  8. its the technoflex graphics.
  9. sorry guys i think i was supposed to put this in pictures and videos.
  10. heres me at my track down the road and heres me at Pax Trax MX.
  11. ok i said i THINK. and why did they go to aluminum frame if they were going to stay the same weight?
  12. well hondas 250f is 204 and yamahas is 206.
  13. i have no idea. i think they just went to a differnt style aluminum frame cuz i do beleive it was aluminum in 05 too.
  14. thats good cuz im new to this 4 stroke mess! but yeah what would be a good answer for when i ask him about checking the valves? and when should i do it myself.
  15. The bike really isnt that much differnt than the 05, the 06 has a black gas tank, is shorter and smaller in legnth. Also went to a better looking aluminum frame which took off no weight from the 05 and a differnt pipe. I think they did something to the carb differnt for 06 too.