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  1. Which one do I get? Basically all I am doing to my 06 SM is 3X3, jet kit, full exhaust, 14 tooth front. My questions are: Where should I buy either exhaust? What price is in line for these? Which has a better reputation for: durability, performance, sound? Thanks!
  2. DR PR

    Front Brake Line

    Thanks for the perspective!
  3. DR PR

    Front Brake Line

    I'll have to look at it again guys. If it's the speedo cable I saw, then I'll feel like a real idiot. I've had several sport bikes so this is all new to me. In fact, there's a good chance it is the speedo cable. Poor me, I haven't even seen my bike in a while. I've only been able to put 90 miles on it in 4 months. Doug, I live in Grapevine. Other side of Ft. Worth from you!
  4. DR PR

    Front Brake Line

    I am away on business without a pic, but I am sure it is on the right because I was sitting on the bike a week ago thinking, why didn't they just go from "here to here?" I googled a pic of the bike and it didn't look like the caliper was visible in pics from the right side. Weird.
  5. DR PR

    Front Brake Line

    My caliper is on the right side just like the lever. I have an 06 SM. I don't know if that's different from your bike. Doug, all you would need is a line the length from the lever to the caliper when the forks are fully extended, right?
  6. DR PR

    Front Brake Line

    Here's an easy one. Why doesn't the front brake line go straight from the MC to the caliper. Why the long loop around the top?