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  1. jbrand

    woods can

    Hey Treybiker, I sent you a PM with a couple of contacts. John
  2. jbrand

    woods can

    Treybiker I just went through tracking down a stock TC spark arrested can for my 06 510SMR. If you don't have one pinned down I can probably come up with a couple of sources. I already sent a PM to one guy who might contact you if he still has his. I ended up paying $50. plus shipping for mine. John
  3. jbrand

    I'm still scared of Huskys

    I don't know much about the 610, but like Bill Christie, I have had a 06 SMR510 since April and it has been perfect. No negative issues at all! Quality and construction are first rate on mine. If there were a more fun bike bring built, I couldn't stand it. If you want a bike that is insanely fun on the back roads, that can also be raced if you are so inclined, then I would reccommend the 510 without reservation.
  4. jbrand

    Wanted, TE or TC 450/510 Owners

    Future Customs, thanks for the reply. The exhaust part numbers changed in 2006, so I don't know if the cans are directly interchangeable, or which , if any of the older part numbers had spark arrestors. Heck, I don't even know if the part numbers Cagiva USA gave me are correct. I just looked up the part number given to me by Cagiva USA as being the 2006 TC450 spark arrestor can and the parts catalog lists it as the USA silencer for the TC250. The hunt continues...
  5. I own a 2006 SMR510 and need a spark arrested can occasional forays into National and State Forest lands. Jim Collison from Cagiva USA said that the 8000A6136 silencer from a TC450/510 would bolt right up and that some of the TC owners would never use this silencer since the TCs also came with the Titanium silencer. The TE silencer 8000A6139 would also work, but unless I run into someone who has retired their factory exhaust for an aftermarket I will probably be out of luck on one of those. If anyone has either of the above silencers gathering dust, I would appreciate you letting me know how much you would be willing to part with it for. If this doesn't work I will start calling the dealers that are large enough to have race teams and possible takeoffs, but just wanted to put the word out to TT folks first.
  6. jbrand

    Another 2006 silencer question

    Hey onthecam, thanks for the info. Now I just have to see if I can find one of the folks that got two silencers with their TC and see if I can talk them out of the Spark Arrestor version. Thanks again for taking the time!
  7. I am still wrestling with an exhaust issue on my 2006 SMR510. Can anyone tell me definitively if a 2006 TC silencer is a direct fit on a 2006 SMR or TE?
  8. jbrand

    TE Stock Silencer

    Hey LowCo you might e-mail Cagiva USA, because they indicated to me that the TEs definitely came with a Spark Arrestor and the SMRs did not. You may have actually ended up with the wrong can and if so the dealer should handle getting it taken care of with Cagiva.
  9. jbrand

    TE Stock Silencer

    I have a 2006 SMR510 and would like to find someone with a 06 TE "stock" can w/spark arrestor gathering dust in their garage. My understanding was that the SMR came with a spark arrestor, but after getting the final word from Cagiva USA, I was apparently mistaken. I will occasionally be riding some forestry roads and other locations where a spark arrestor is either a legal requirement or a darned good idea. The correct part number is supposed to be 8000A6139 and it may be the same for the 2005 or even earlier models, but I am not sure. Since I will only be sticking it on occasionally, I really don't want to spend a lot on an aftermarket exhaust at this point, so just looking for a cheap solution. Thanks John
  10. jbrand

    2006 510 exhaust

    Can anyone tell me if the spark arrestor is removable and if it is actually in the can or between the can and pipe? I have a 06 SMR 510, but the parts catalog shows the TE and SMR exhaust as being the same part number. I have not taken the can off, but I can insert a rod completely through exhaust can with no interference. Aren't these things supposed to have spark arrestors? I don't want to get busted running forest roads and I sure don't want to be responsible for lighting off any woodlands.
  11. jbrand

    Bike hauler for SUV, except Husky?

    Hey Desertguy I have the Ultimate MX Hauler and just picked up a 06 SMR 510 at the beginning of the month. I did not like the idea of the bike frame sitting directly on the metal rack so before I went to pick up the new bike I replaced the two little rubber strips on the MX Hauler with a piece of heavy duty conveyor belt material that covered the entire rack surface. A local rubber goods supplier gave me a 4' by 2' section that was too small for them to sell. All I did was cut the belt material to shape and put it on with an industrial contact cement. When the bike came in we just dropped the foot peg rods through the pegs and ran straps around the forks to the hold down loop on the rack. We immediately drove the 400 miles home with absolutely no problem!! Since this bike will be on the hitch for 6 or 8 thousand miles per year I did make a couple of modifications to my receiver hitch to eliminate any movement in the Ultimate MX Hauler and to make it and the bike as theft proof as possible.
  12. Hey Bill, it's all your fault. I put my order in with Gerald today. Maybe I will get to buy you that adult beverage if we get to pick them up at the same time. The countdown begins! Gerald at Upstate really seems like a super guy and very excited about Huskys. I appreciate you turning me on to him.