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  1. stepthru90

    How many miles are on your DRZ

    I have 12,000 on my '05 DRZ, mostly dirt road riding. I do 1500 mile oil changes, using Amsoil and regular air filter cleanings as needed. I have been checking my valves and have not needed to adjust them, yet (one is getting close). Should I be concerned with anything like crank bearings, rings, cam chain...etc?
  2. stepthru90

    lowered footpegs

    I have a taller seat. I ride mostly dirt roads so the toe clearance isn't an issue.
  3. stepthru90

    lowered footpegs

    I could use another half inch of leg room. Does anybody know of anything available for the DRZ 400. I've seen them for the DR 650 Thanks
  4. stepthru90

    '02 E or not

    I have a variety of sprockets and tires, depending on what I'm using the bike for. I just was wondering if a stock E was much faster.
  5. stepthru90

    '02 E or not

    I have an '05 S with about 11000 miles on it, I have the fcr, the E head pipe, an FMF Q muffler and a whole bunch of other non-performance stuff on it. The other day I was at a friends shop and he had just taken in an '02 E that had an Acerbis tank and a Baja kit on it, not much else. But the bike had probably less the 500 miles on it, literally a brand new '02. Would the E be worth buying, does it perform much better? And is it worth giving up the full subframe. I have a rack and do mainly dual sport riding. Thanks. I forgot, it has the kick starter on it also.
  6. stepthru90


    Creeper is the guy from Seattle
  7. stepthru90

    Frame oil chamber

    In that case I won't weld or drill on it, thank you.
  8. stepthru90

    Frame oil chamber

    Can anyone tell me if the short horizontal frame tube directly above the cylinder head is being used as part of the oil chamber?
  9. stepthru90

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I'm jealous, I used to live in Puke City.
  10. stepthru90

    Actual praise for deathwings

    I put the TW's on my bike about 2 months ago, my front 606 needed changed so I figured I'd try out the TW's. They are sooo much smoother than the knobs, I have been riding my bike to work every day and saving a ton of money. I also ride my bike alot more now than I did with the knobbies on, they work ok on the gravel and great on the asphalt but they do suck in the mud. I had zero interest in road riding before but now I can see why the SM's are so popular.
  11. stepthru90

    Q's about changing chains without master link

    I've never had any trouble with a standard master link, but I always carry a spare. I even carry a spare for my mountain bike when I'm riding it.
  12. stepthru90

    Won't start with choke on...

    That's some funny shit.
  13. stepthru90

    Stupid FCR Question

    I don't use my choke, I just crack the throttle a couple times and start it, let the AP do the work. That may change in the winter....
  14. stepthru90

    Longest Trips On Drz

  15. stepthru90

    Greencastle, PA for the DRZ

    I drilled a natural gas well near Waynesboro once, back in about '79