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  1. Happy Travis Pastrana day yall! 01-09-09 199 Just had to say...
  2. mine comes on and dies within a few min.
  3. I bought the Nickel Metal Hydrid batteries and still get the low battery light... is this normal?
  4. so are you happy with my plastic, and pipe? looks good on your bike
  5. Also, what tools does it take to fix? i cant seem to get it off...
  6. 2001 YZ 125 I kicked and heard a snap, and the kick lever went way fave forward (like there was no stop... opened it up and saw the following (crack) Anyone know if this is the problem... if so, what is that piece called here are some pictures:
  7. Same here, just open your air screw 1/2 a turn
  8. looking to buy... 2001 yz 250 It has the hot rod piston and crank that is bored out to 265cc's how reliable are they? Will I need Racing gas?
  9. It just depends on where we can find land...
  10. We need at least 200 acres of woods and a field or two for parking and some grass track sections. If you know of any possible locations please call (404)-421-0442 or email o2bmxin@gmail.com. This series willl run the same format as the SORCS series in Georgia. A firm schedule will be set in march. For Everyone in north Ga and Tennesse this would be a great Racing series for us. So lets all help and get a Tennessee Harescramble Series Started!!!
  11. post a pic
  12. Looks to be a four coner seizure, caused by Piston expanding faster than cylinder, causing the cleance to be reduced Culprit: too quick of warm up, too lean of jetting (main), or too-hot spark plug range,
  13. if it is on your brake side, you might want to find a way to prevent oil from getting on your brakes
  14. Email sent