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  1. Can someone thell me where the grey wire is located on the 2006 Wr250? I followed the Thumper FAQ's instructions but failed to find it. Also, how loud will my exhaust be with the baffle out? I live in So Cal. and want to avoid Ranger Smith and his ticket book for a bike too loud. Will I get any more power out of my bike with this mod? Thanks
  2. Modie

    Clicking Starter on TTR125...Help

    Maybe you battery is too dead. Once they lose their charge, these little batteries are done.
  3. Modie

    TTR 125 Sticking throttles

    SORRY FOR THE LONG POST My boys have 06 TTR 125's. They've taken them out twice. Been down a few times but throttle was working fine, I rode them myself. Tonight, I lightly hosed off the dirt. I towel dried them and had a few hot laps to dry off the engine area. Throttle seemed fine on both. I threw them up on a stand and cleaned then lubed the chain. I pushed the bikes in my garage and as a matter of habit I twisted the throttle on one and it slowly returned forward. I was surprised and went the other to compare. It did the same thing. I am stumped. They progressively got worse over a few moments of twisting them. Both are totally sticking now. I ran out of time tonight so tomorrow I will disassemble the throttle cables but I am finding this totally weird. Anyone else dealt with this????
  4. Modie

    Adjusting TTR 125 Clutch lever

    Can anyone refer me to a link to adjust the Clutch lever on my kid's 125?? It appears like any other cable adjust but I don't think it is. I tried to move the gray spot (the area where the clutch starts to engage) inward so my boy feels the power as the lever is closer to the grip. Right now he has to let it almost completely out B4 is engages. I tried but only succeeded in completely disengaging the clutch even with the lever fully released. I moved the adjuster both directions. His owner's manual does not provide the info. (unless of course I didn't look through it good enough. Thanks
  5. First off, it's my brother's bike and this is par for the course with him. Were supposed to go riding tomorrow and last night he decided to try to get it started. Battery was sitting 'connected' and he had his fuel switch 'on'. He got a new battery but it won't start. It turns over just fine but won't fire. Is his gas bad?? Do we need to drain tank, carb?? He had no kick starter so we can't purge the carb by kicking it over. I'm heading over tonight to help him and I would like a few options. I tried to topic search bit I didn't find anything relavant. Thanks.
  6. Modie

    Gray wire for 2006 WR250

    Regarding the 2005 Wr450, what is an "ais system"? I am new to the world of dirt bikes. I've riding street for a number of years and tried my hand at roadracing. Short lived career. More time in the hospital than on the track.
  7. I just bought a 2006 WR250. I was told by the Yamaha mechanic that the 2006 does not have the 'gray wire'. He says the fix is a bit more complicated but can still be done rather easily. I did not ask him to elaborate. Anyone have any input?
  8. Newbee Here, My brother and I are new to dirt bikes. He bought an 04 DRZ 400 E last year. I just bought a WR250F. Yamaha had to put a throttle stop, baffle and ignition control to be green sticker. Does the California DRZ have any of these?? I searched but found no posts re: this. Thanks