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  1. Ski Pro 3

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    I may have to help my son move this weekend, so my wife now tells me when I informed her of the upcoming ride. I'll know by Wednesday.
  2. Ski Pro 3

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    I can ride from my place to Mt. Aukum, no problemo. I put a XT225 tank on my TW200 for extra range. Holds 2.32 gallons. I'd say I can get 100 miles from a tank and I have a small fuel bottle I sometimes haul or stash along the route if riding back the same way I came. I'll shoot you that PM for Saturday, long as Sierra-at-Tahoe doesn't open and I go skiing. Ha! Actually, I'd rather ride than ski on a Saturday. Too many snowboarders on weekends.
  3. Ski Pro 3

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Been a while since I've ridden with ANYBODY, but figure it might be a nice change to do so. I've read a bit about ElDorado650 and his dual sport-style of riding with a plated bike in the Hwy 88 area. I'm near the town of El Dorado on Hwy49 heading to Plymouth. I've ridden a bit up the 88 corrodor and most recently the Hope Valley area where I discovered a single track up out of a camping area that leads to Scotts Lake I believe. I didn't go to Scotts Lake, but another lake smaller and lower on the mountain. On the far side of the lake was a single track I rode for a few miles before turning around as I didn't know where it went and no signage. It's obviously used by mountain bikers based on the tire tracks. It's also well maintained as windfalls are cut regularly it seems. My current plated bike is a Yamaha TW200. Yeah, it's small. and yeah, it doesn't have a lot of power. But the thing is a goat getting up stuff and it is street legal. My other bikes are KX250 and a BMW Dakar. I'm mostly interested in rides where the plated bike has it's advantage. My bike is highly modified for off road use and I'm pretty good taking care of MC's in general. Been riding for 40 years at least as well. I'd like to join in on a ride with ElDorado650 some time as his reports sound very interesting. A couple photos of my highly modified TW200 The front tire on my TW200 is the same tire I run on the rear of my KX250; a 18" trials tire.
  4. Ski Pro 3

    Georgetown Ca, riding/camping?

    Check in at the Georgetown ranger station for maps, then camp either at the Bald Mt. staging area or the Mace Mill staging area.
  5. Ski Pro 3

    Whered all the OLD NorCal guys go?

    I was once one of the old guys. I still ride regularly, only in stealth mode as I am too old to mix it up with the forest service and DAWN nuts. Here's a couple photos of my latest project; a Yamaha TW200 modified to 250cc and a 6th speed in the gear box. That front tire is the same 4.10x18 trials tire I run on the back of my KX250.
  6. Ski Pro 3

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    Just want to add; I have just a hair over $600 in the yellow CT90 to fully restore it to showroom condition. The twins were ready to roll but since they had stock original tires, I put a fresh set on and new air filters. One of the twins had 960 miles on the odometer, the other had 1172 miles on it. Darn near brand new. They spent their lives at a rental yard in Lancaster CA where the employees used them to get around the business. When the owner sold the business, he put them in storage. When the owner died, his son found them and swapped them for a rifle to a childhood friend. My wife mentioned to a friend of hers, that I was looking for another CT90 and she said her husband got two of them in a swap for a rifle last spring and doesn't ride, would I like them? I had an old Swedish Mauser I got in a trade for a generator I was trying to sell and swapped him the rifle for the bikes. Also, I got the generator from a swap meet for $10, because it wouldn't run. All that was wrong was the spark plug insulator was cracked. A sweet deal!!! The Mauser I got in trade for the genny; The $10 genny cleaned up and traded for the Mauser;
  7. Ski Pro 3

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    This thread has caused me to reflect on my early years of riding and I recall one of my first bikes was a Honda CT90. I remember being able to cover everything GT/Rock Creek had to offer AND the ability to ride in and out. With that in mind, I figured I would get me a CT90 and relive those riding days. Within days I found a CT90 someone was giving away. A 1970K2 CT90. A real rust bucket as seen here; This thing had a blown engine; piston seized and 3rd gear busted tooth; The engine is now back together and runs great, but still needs a bit of detailing The body/frame is almost complete. Waiting on swing arm bushings to finish putting it all back together; I should have it done some time after the Christmas holiday. In the meantime, I snatched up two other CT90's I like to call 'The Twins'. Matching 1974K5 CT90's. I've gotten them plated and in decent running condition. One for me and one for a buddy. Took 'em to Rock Creek just before the snow hit on Friday last week and we had a BLAST!
  8. Ski Pro 3

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    Yea, I did the volunteer thing. Even to become a volunteer supervisor on the El Dorado so I could lead work crews when funding for the paid rangers dried up and work crews weren't allowed to volunteer without a supervisor. I spent weekends in training classes in order to get my sawyers license so I could legally cut trees out at Rock Creek even. Went to meetings, yada, yada, yada. When I realized the frustration with dealing with the lying-while-smiling-to-your-face ranger staff was turning me into an angry and bitter man, like Dave Wood, I walked away and started playing by 'their' rules. Which is to say, I started making up rules and changing the game up when ever it suited my purpose. My first volunteer work was way back in 1972. That evolved into the early 90's when my kids got into riding and we developed the kiddie corral at Mace Mills. It was around that time that whore took up her cause to shut down Rock Creek when she decided it was o.k. for her to live in the forest but it wasn't o.k. for anyone else to visit or recreate in the forest if it was near her house. Here's a little secret I'll tell you if you promise to keep it just between you and me; I've been opening up some of the old trails out at Rock Creek area. Trails I remember from 35 to 40 years ago. I don't make it easy to find the access to them, but once you are on 'em, you'll appreciate what riding some nice local single track can be. Here's a clue; look around Slate Mountain area. Oh YEAH!!!
  9. Ski Pro 3

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    No Adam, I am neither being facetious or jesting. Why would anyone bother with these idiotic rules when they are not being enforced with any sort of consistency? I liken it to driving on the freeway over the posted speed limit; sure, it's not legal and I could get sited, but chances are I am not going to. And even if I were, the consequences are very minimal. I have yet to talk to anyone who knows first hand of their motorcycle being confiscated. Heck, I've been pulled over for driving my dirt bike on the streets. The worst that happened was a fix-it ticket for not having registration, lights, horn and mirror. I got the lights, horn and mirror taken care of and found a CHP officer who signed off on the ticket, indemnifying the fine portion of the ticket. I took the ticket to the DMV and they issued me a license plate. I know!! I got my dirt bike plated by breaking the law, then following up to get the ticket cleared. But I digress. The issue is; the powers-that-be are attempting to restrict OHV riding with various rules, laws, and such that just are not reasonable or enforceable. It's a BIG forest out there people. Much of it is under private ownership with logging companies. Much of the national forests are landlocked by these private properties. Many more acres are not patrolled for any reason and the majority of the LEO's are too lazy, nor have any need to go beyond the traditional riding areas that are, quite frankly, over used and too crowded as to be enjoyable. I sometimes get in trouble for even mentioning some of the more "clandestine" riding areas on forums. I just chuckle and do it anyways, as it isn't possible to keep a riding area secret anyways. Over 40 years I've been riding my dirt bike in the local forest areas of El Dorado, Amador, Alpine, Placer, etc. counties without LEO's ever even being spotted. I encourage you and anyone else who thinks that 'they' are keeping you from riding, to recognize it's your own unsubstantiated fear of the 'boogie man' and to just go out and ride. Just use some common sense and enjoy riding!
  10. Ski Pro 3

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    I don't get it. Really I don't. I've paid about zero attention to things dealing with closures and ride just as I always have. I've yet to even see any sort who would enforce anything out there in the mountains while riding. Folks claim that my bike could be confiscated and that I could be fined, but who here has first hand experience or know of a specific instance of anyone getting their bike taken or a fine levied while riding around our area of the West Slope of the Sierra's? Just ride people. The boogie man isn't going to be able to catch you, if they even exist out there in the first place.
  11. Ski Pro 3

    Horse Canyon

    Things change quick! Here's a photo of Silver Lake today. I was up fishing Walker River this weekend, camping out, when the weather changed on Saturday. The fishing access lot Hope Valley looking West
  12. Ski Pro 3

    Free ride El Dorado County!

    Not sure then why they didn't try to make contact with me then, not that I would give a flick and wait around long enough to see.
  13. Last week I did a BUNCH of dirt bike riding and enjoyed the freedom of NOT being hassled by the USFS. Why? Because effective July 22nd, the El Dorado County sheriff informed the federal agency that its officers will no longer be able to enforce California state law anywhere in his county. - See more at: http://www.inedc.com...h.tSxJC6l0.dpuf So, I rode some great horse trails near Rock Creek. I rode all over the Crystal Basin area, a bunch of stuff around South Lake Tahoe, Stumpy Meadows, even many parts of the Pacific Crest Trail. Not one LEO from USFS even tried to talk to me, let alone stop me. Yeah!! So fire 'em up boys, and ride it like you own it!! Because YOU DO and there's a new sheriff in town.
  14. Dave opened up a can of whoop-ass without any justifiable reason. Let's wait and see if he's big enough to take what he dishes out. Thanks for the complement on the sig. Ha!!