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  1. i replaced the cam chain on my sons 09 crf150r and the bike came with a tokyo mod cam adjuster . if anyones familiar with the product and how do i reset the tension on the chain . thank for your input
  2. rvaldez

    ktm 105sx

    just picked up a clean 04 105sx and was wondering what the difference between a 2004 and a 2006 ia if any? thank you
  3. rvaldez

    1989 suzuki rm125 powervalve installation

    after troubleshooting found loose connection at secondary ignition wire from coil ,bike sounds sweet.almost makes me want to ride a 2 stroke again!
  4. rvaldez

    1989 suzuki rm125 powervalve installation

    maybe I should be asking ,does a powervalve not correctly timed /spring tension off prevent a bike from starting? thank again
  5. I just rebuilt the topend on a 89 rm125l , i received the cylinder from la sleeve ,they had to resleeve it ,when i received the cylinder the powervalve had to be reassembled and installed .i went to fire the bike up but im not sure how much tension to apply to the powervalve adjuster,the engine has compression but i think compression leaking through the powwrvalve and not allowing the engine to start,i know i assembled the top end correctly . Any advise thank you.
  6. developed lower end engine noise and was wondering if anyone knows about any 2stroke 250 engine swaps ,let me know , Im tired of 4 strokes!
  7. rvaldez

    2005 cr85

    thanks for your input , now we can rest assured we shouldnt have a overheating problem.
  8. rvaldez

    2005 cr85

    i have a question regarding my sons 05 cr85, i was replacing the topend and during my dissassembly i removed a 10 mm bolt that had a crush washer on it the bolt was located just right of the waterpump assembly ,i actually removed it thinking coolant was going to drain but nothing came out ,i drained the coolant from the lowest bolt on the waterpump . i reassembled the topend and replaced the coolant still nothing came . i started the bike and had my son see if anything came out ,but red gearsaver oozed out of that hole . im sure hoping that normal because the bike runs and sounds good when i start it , thanks guys for your help ,
  9. my son weighs 90 lbs with gear and im looking for a rear spring 4.5 kg for a honda cr 85 or even a 4.6 . thanks mikey v 47v
  10. rvaldez

    need 1988 kdx200 cylinder

    thank you for your feedback . Im going to look into which years are interchangable someone on e-bay said the 1986 cylinder should work.
  11. i bought a bike that i thought just needed a piston and ring and the cylinder bored, i bought an oversized piston and took the cylinder to the machine shop and he said its aluminum he cant bore it out it has to be sleeved, so hopefully someone has a good cylinder laying around they would like to part with if so email me at kaliforniachp@yahoo.com
  12. rvaldez

    01 ttr125 leaking fuel tank

    Thanks For That Tip .ill Let You Know If It Works.
  13. rvaldez

    01 ttr125 leaking fuel tank

    Hey Guys Last Weekend I Noticed The Fuel Tank Leaking ,it Actually Developed A Hair Line Crack Left Side Of Tank In The Lower Rear Near Seat. Is There Any Type Of Epoxy You Can Recommend For That Plastic Tank Or Do I Need To Purchase A Used Fuel Tank. Thank You For Your Feedback.
  14. rvaldez

    2002 ktm200exc jetting questions?

    To Mike in Fresno , we ride at Hollister alot so my bike is set at nozh 3rd clip and 45 pilot and 182 main and thats at 500 -1000ft , air screw 1.5 out and bike runs great.
  15. rvaldez

    2002 ktm200exc jetting questions?

    Thank you Mike in Fresno ,im running a nozg on the 2nd clip ,which needle is best between nozg, nozh , nozj , nozk , I guess ill just purchase a new needle if i need to .thanks again for your advise!