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  1. 918ride

    Crankcase interchangeability

    Had to replace my son's left case recently. The cheapest price for a new one was at OEM cycle parts.
  2. Have your ecu remapped. It will start easier, and will give some more power. It probably your best bang for you buck.
  3. 918ride

    2012 rebuild

    Crf250rrider, everyone has an opinion and for what it's worth, here is mine. Ron Hamp has a solid reputation. I think he is giving you sound advice. Anyone who has raced, knows it just sucks to have a mechanical failure during a race. You said your a fast 250C racer, so your probably riding your bike hard. Your crank is one of those parts that takes a beating and is not easy to inspect. Usually by the time your crank gives you symptoms that it is done, it's too late. Some preventative maintenance could be the difference between having a good day at the races or your motor seizing up and you landing on your face. My son races 250B. His bike is apart now and we are putting a new crank, bearings, and other parts on it this weekend. It has only 57 hours on it.
  4. 918ride

    exhaust sugestions?

    I run the FMF powerbomb header and the Q2 muffler. I ride in the forestry areas in so cal. The Q2 is louder than stock, but not so loud (92 dec) that I get cited. It also is USFS approved (spark arrester).
  5. 918ride

    Need help jetting an 05 CRF450X

    I run the red needle on the third clip all year and have no problems. You might e-mail your question to JD Jetting. They usually will get back to you fast.