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  1. zipskip

    XR650R jetting info

    I completely torn the carb apart, rechecked everything. I didn't find anything wrong so I double checked everything again. I put it all back together and only get hints of the original problem. It's hard to tell if it's "fixed" until I can take it out in the dirt. Neighborhood streets just aren't a good test zone. After all the fuss and muss I still have not seen a problem. After going back to the set-up that worked it still had the problem. Now it seems to be OK after reinstalling everything. I would still appreciate any ideas just to try and figure out what was going on. I would hate to find myself 50 miles out and have it die!! Thanx to all
  2. zipskip

    XR650R jetting info

    Thanx Maxpower.. but been there done that. I've actually run into a new problem. I've gone back to to the 175/68s set-up and now the carb dumps fuel out of the over flow whenever it is leaned over in a turn (or sitting in the drive way with me leaning it over). I'm "leaning" toward the Easter Bunny fix... If you missed it I was waiting for Santa to bring me a pumper but it now may fall into the furry bunny's realm. LOL. The fuel leakage could just be a mis-aligned gasket, but as long as the Little Lady doesn't find out, the Easter Bunny may come through. Any input and thoughts are still appreciated. I'm just an old man going from a CR250 to the XR650R trying to, forgive me for saying this, slow down?? I may even opt for the HRC Power Up Kit too, plus the pumper. After all the PIG has 5000 miles on her... and I've had to change tires, new chain guard, install a new shark fin, new skid plate, etc... some several times. Did I say "slow down"? More horse power is synonymous with more fire power... Still the same thing.... Let God sort out the dead. Who will be the first to mount a 50 caliber on a BRP?
  3. zipskip

    XR650R Triple clamp question

    Try Applied, they adjust by 3mm and/or can be reversed. They also have a high end model but here is a link to the "basic" model. http://appliedrace.com/store/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=2&products_id=1244
  4. zipskip

    XR650R jetting info

    Its a Uni-filter... I had the 175/68s set-up and it ran fine, just not "exceptional". I think to really clarify things I've been trying to tweak everything up for as much performance (speed, response, etc...) without going to a pumper. I thought the 180/68s might do the trick with the added air/fuel mix. I've read from others that this didn't work for them but thought it was worth a try. Gas in plus the right amount of air and a little tweaking should equal better performance... I guess I may try the 180/70s then 175/70s and go from there. From what everyone says I'll probably end up back at the 175/68s and wait for Santa to bring me the pumper. Anybody know if the Easter Bunny delivers pumpers?? LOL. Thanks everybody!
  5. zipskip

    XR650R jetting info

    The main jet is a 180 which I agree with surfnride that it may be to much. The main needle was changed out by the Honda mechanic (I had them do the original uncorking before ever taking it home) so I don't have part numbers. I guess I could search it out on the receipt?? I've tried the 2nd, 3rd and 4th clip position on the main needle. When Honda did the uncorking I also had them put on a White Bros 2 pipe. I added XR's Only SS headers and drilled out the side panel to the airbox. Everything was fine until I started trying to get the 180 main jet tweaked in by adjusting the needle. I may just go back to the 68s and wait for a new pumper?
  6. zipskip

    XR650R jetting info

    Hello all, I've been having problems with jetting and needle adjustments. I'm at about 5000' above sea level and my burp has been modified with jet (80) and needle (HRC) intake manifold, header and pipe with the air box opened up. I've tried many different adjustments, changing jet sizes, adjusting needle setting etc.. The problem is that once it warms up it "chokes" and dies, only extra throttle keeps it running. Oh yea, she is an 05 and I bought it new and this just happened after opening the airbox and changing the jet. Reversing the procedure would be difficult, air box is drilled out. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!! A good guess is welcome too! Thanks...