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  1. smadaderrick

    Post Pics Of Your SportBikes...

    Thanks guys.
  2. smadaderrick

    Post Pics Of Your SportBikes...

    There are some very nice bikes in here. (especially the R1's, hehe) And I'm also wondering how BlackFly got his R1 onto the Railroad tracks. lol Sorry for the post whoring.
  3. smadaderrick

    My R1's HID's I installed

    What a small world. I just looked at this thread, but on another forum. lol They look good, here are my 8,000k's
  4. smadaderrick

    New Photobucket account

    It works! Nice pics.
  5. smadaderrick

    sportbike pics

    Thanks for the compliment. It wasn't to bad installing them. Yes, you do have to get the glue warmed up before separating the headlights. 10 minutes in the over at around 250 degrees will do it.
  6. smadaderrick

    sportbike pics

  7. smadaderrick

    sportbike pics

  8. smadaderrick

    426 dented header

    when i dented mine, i just drilled a small hole on the opposite side, then heated it up real good with a torch then tapped the dent back to its original shape, then welded over the hole i drilled... worked pretty good.