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  1. New or Used? If used, I like my Honda Magna. There were 3 generations. I had a G1 and now a G3. My bias is decent looks, about 75 HP at the rear, and it's a V4 so it revs up to 10.5K. You can baby it or you can get a bit of high rev fun, whatever you're in the mood for. When you look at cruisers these days, their all twins. I'm not such a big fan of non-race tuned twins. The latest model was identical from 1994-2003. I'd say you could pick one up for anywhere between(talking clean machine's only here) - $2800-$5K. One for $5K would have to be a low mile '00-'03 with some nice aftermarket stuff already added in. I almost forgot to mention they handle awesome. More info here: http://forums.delphiforums.com/MagnaRider
  2. These are the comments I keep hearing so many times. I guess I have to believe. It's just so hard to part with my beloved Magna.
  3. I had a crack at a 610. The little bit of extra seat height was too much for me. I have sit on a DRZ400SM in the shop and could touch down with one foot on a peg and maybe tip of both toes. Also, the 610 was only a couple of years old but had some rust already showing in spots. Plus I was concerned about not having a dealer here. That brings me back to a DRZ. I'm not into lowering bikes unless it's done right which is $$$$.
  4. I'm looking for someone in the St. Louis Area to let me test drive their DRZ 400 SM while you are test riding my 2002 Honda VF750 Magna. I have wanted some sort of dual sport bike for years and was ready to add one to the stable until I finally realized late last year that I did not need to spend money on a second bike now. In short. It's my second Magna and I love this bike for a road bike. I have an attachment to it as well as it's been discontinued and this is the second to last year model. If I sell it, I will have a tough time replacing it with the same bike. It's got a v4, smooth as can be and a long revving power band, redline is like 10.5K. It looks good too. I like standard seating positions. Now, I am deciding whether to sell it or not and replace it with a DRZ 400SM. I don't even ride but 2-3K per year and I rarely ride 2-up. I'm looking for some more fun these days and I don't know if I will like the smaller displacement motor or not. I'm thinking I will like the suspension, wheelies, looking cool, being able to explore down a hard packed road etc. To me, it seems like I'd be trading a really cool cruiser for a a really cool dirtbike. That's why I need to ride one.
  5. Can someone link me to this? I pm'd the owner a few days ago but I guess he's out riding... This page...THOR13's bike dual tail light He calls it a-- np2 tail lights --moto led 502 in the rear but google was no help.
  6. Can this bike do about 90 miles on the highway(70-80mph), ride off road for a while and bring you back home on the highway without burning a bunch of oil or overheating? I figure that seems like a lot to ask from a small discplacement motor? Does the DRZ400 burn any oil regularly?
  7. This Midwesterner must have big SUR pics!! Please post.