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    thinking of getting a cruiser

    New or Used? If used, I like my Honda Magna. There were 3 generations. I had a G1 and now a G3. My bias is decent looks, about 75 HP at the rear, and it's a V4 so it revs up to 10.5K. You can baby it or you can get a bit of high rev fun, whatever you're in the mood for. When you look at cruisers these days, their all twins. I'm not such a big fan of non-race tuned twins. The latest model was identical from 1994-2003. I'd say you could pick one up for anywhere between(talking clean machine's only here) - $2800-$5K. One for $5K would have to be a low mile '00-'03 with some nice aftermarket stuff already added in. I almost forgot to mention they handle awesome. More info here: http://forums.delphiforums.com/MagnaRider

    Test Drive my 750

    These are the comments I keep hearing so many times. I guess I have to believe. It's just so hard to part with my beloved Magna.

    Test Drive my 750

    I had a crack at a 610. The little bit of extra seat height was too much for me. I have sit on a DRZ400SM in the shop and could touch down with one foot on a peg and maybe tip of both toes. Also, the 610 was only a couple of years old but had some rust already showing in spots. Plus I was concerned about not having a dealer here. That brings me back to a DRZ. I'm not into lowering bikes unless it's done right which is $$$$.

    Test Drive my 750

    I'm looking for someone in the St. Louis Area to let me test drive their DRZ 400 SM while you are test riding my 2002 Honda VF750 Magna. I have wanted some sort of dual sport bike for years and was ready to add one to the stable until I finally realized late last year that I did not need to spend money on a second bike now. In short. It's my second Magna and I love this bike for a road bike. I have an attachment to it as well as it's been discontinued and this is the second to last year model. If I sell it, I will have a tough time replacing it with the same bike. It's got a v4, smooth as can be and a long revving power band, redline is like 10.5K. It looks good too. I like standard seating positions. Now, I am deciding whether to sell it or not and replace it with a DRZ 400SM. I don't even ride but 2-3K per year and I rarely ride 2-up. I'm looking for some more fun these days and I don't know if I will like the smaller displacement motor or not. I'm thinking I will like the suspension, wheelies, looking cool, being able to explore down a hard packed road etc. To me, it seems like I'd be trading a really cool cruiser for a a really cool dirtbike. That's why I need to ride one.

    Tail light

    Can someone link me to this? I pm'd the owner a few days ago but I guess he's out riding... This page...THOR13's bike dual tail light He calls it a-- np2 tail lights --moto led 502 in the rear but google was no help.

    Can the DRZ 400 go all day?

    Can this bike do about 90 miles on the highway(70-80mph), ride off road for a while and bring you back home on the highway without burning a bunch of oil or overheating? I figure that seems like a lot to ask from a small discplacement motor? Does the DRZ400 burn any oil regularly?

    Big Sur Adventure

    This Midwesterner must have big SUR pics!! Please post.