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  1. I am currently reviving a 1978 PE 250. The cylinder is ready for a bore. Local shop advised finding a 78 RM 250 cylinder for better performance. I found a cylinder but it is identical to my PE cylinder. Cannot find any numbers on cylinders. It was on an RM crankcase. Looked on ebay & by pics they look the same as well. Anyone know if they were the same ? Thumpertalk store part breakdown does not list numbers for the cylinder. Head gasket & reeds are the same. Eric
  2. I am not a machinist,but it could distort some after being pressed in. It needs to have clearance to piston per the piston clearance specs.
  3. Washington

    The fees in this state are non stop. My brother who lives in Salem pays 10 bucks for ORV tabs that are good for a couple years. Went to the Oregon dunes last month. Which required taking an online course for ATV/Motorcycle safety course. After completion they send out a card to you for FREE ! God knows how much this will cost in Washington if they require it.
  4. Washington

    I have been sending e-mails religiously. If you join CLOUT you will get e-mails on OHV legislation with links for quick e-mails to your representatives. It makes it super fast & easy. Just search clout OHV & you will find a link to get signed up.
  5. I agree rear racks are way overpriced. I built one from square tube,less than 25 dollars in material from the hardware store.
  6. Is the bike idling normally ? You said it brings the revs down. Is it revving on its own ? If it is you have an air leak somewhere in the engine.
  7. I have seen some automotive pistons get eaten like that from coolant in the cylinder.
  8. Heading to Coos Bay area next week. I like it best just due to the huge area to ride in. Have not been to winchester though,have tried but it was always full. You also have to take a online safety course to ride the dunes & I think off road in Oregon. They have been phasing it in, I think it is required for under 40 now. If you are out of state you have to have it. It does not cost anything,just a little time. Probably soon to come to Washington, but I probably will not be free.
  9. The upper screw is just the swivel portion. Has no effect on the lower part
  10. kickstarter should come right off, shaft is splined. Splines are covered by kick start lever. Not sure how they could get burred. Just got mine together tonight,took it out for a ride down the road & back. Have to wait until tomorrow for a better test run. So far so good,forgot how hard a two stroke pulls
  11. Thanks,my suzuki manual just says install it in the hole.
  12. Assembling a basket case bike I traded for. In my service manual it does not mention anything on setting tension. It just says hook spring into hole in case. The motor was apart in a box. Seems like it should have to some tension on it ?
  13. Does the title say off road use on it ? If it was not street legal from the manufacturer it is a slim chance.
  14. Totally jealous, except for the cold part. Sounds like a very cool trip, enjoy
  15. I recently picked up one of these. They are made by HMF I believe. It looks to be made pretty well. I have not had a chance to ride with it yet. Waiting for the snow & ice to melt.