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  1. i have an 07 yz250f and i am on my third clutch. first two were oem which lasted an alright time 5 months each. just put an ebc clutch in and it sucks got four rides on it and it feels fired already. so which clutch would you put in the help with this problem. i was thinking dp
  2. hey anyone know where to get a spark arrestor for a 1981 kx 250
  3. what are the differences between ttr 125 and the L model. can the regular 125 be converted into an L model
  4. whats better for a beginner to novice woman rider a 125l or 225. should i mod if i get a 125
  5. im 190 but i figure 220 with gear and its mostly muscle. just wondering how much hp or torque you get out of the athena 290 kit if it is worth it.
  6. i am 220
  7. i am a heavier guy and have an 07 yz250f. i was wondering if moding my bike with a big bore kit such as a 290 and hot cams is worth it or should i just get a 450. is the big bore kit powerful or just something that adds a tiny amount.
  8. what is a good technique for riding thight woods single track type. i try to stand but i find myself sitting and standing to much and tire myself out to fast.
  9. yea it pulls it self in
  10. Hey guys my clutch is slipping when i get on the gas or i think it is. when i gas it full it revs high without going or if i come out of a turn and i gas it hard the clutch handle sucks in. has anyone had this problem please share some info. could it be the that i need to replace the pressure plates. thanks for any input.
  11. i just ordered my yosh full exhaust. i was wondering if i should try to powernow system. has anybody tried it. give feed back on it if you can. also any suggestions on any other mods i should look into.
  12. Any Suggestions On The Best Riding Schools For Offroad Racing
  13. thanks everyone for the info and encouragement. im planning to race as much as i can this year, but when i finish school im planning on going full time with thedoing the entire gncc, worcs, and any others. any suggestions of other series to try and follow.
  14. Mods for the 2006. Do a search for the throttle stop mod, airbox mods, grey wire mod in this forum. Also ARin did a good tutorial on jetting your carb, which you will need to do when you do the mods or check 2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods they have lots of info. After these mods your bike will wake up. Also use the ais kit from tt store its better. Good luck.
  15. I just turned 27 and I ride B Class im not that fast, but I found my self riding alot better since I have been racing so often now. I was wondering am i to old to get into racing full time around the nation. I know i could not ride pro any time soon, but in about a year I was think of buying a trailer and follow some of the series. Is there anything I should do any suggestions or is it a dumb idea.