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  1. the stands
  2. no, but i should've, my office is a pretty dangerous place.
  3. i pre-ran my section of the 1000 last year on google earth
  4. Yamaha

    ok i found out the elevation. 335 ft does anyone out there have my same setup that rides at that elevation that can get me close to where i need to be? mike
  5. Yamaha

    I have an 04 yfz 450. it has the air-box lid removed, stock pipe w/ spark arrestor removed and the cam mod. i ride only in glamis do i need to re-jet? if i do, what size jets/ needle do i need to run. any help is greatly appriciated. thanks mike p.s i did a search and didnt find anything
  6. Yamaha

    does anyone know how many watts the stock system can handle...i am thinking about putting some hella 4000s.....but the ones i have are 100w each....wanna put two on there.... by the way i have a 05 yfz450r thanks