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  1. joe ride on

    DR350SE kick start?

    My wife has the 98 dr350 w/ electric start with no kick... killed the battery once and had to pop start it. It was easy to pop start so I bailed on looking to get an electric start.
  2. joe ride on

    What do I Have?

    it is on the right side.... could be a kill switch? joe
  3. joe ride on

    What do I Have?

    thanks... looks like I have a 92 DR350S that came with a 1993 DR350SE Manual. The pictures did not match, but what should go to those two wires? Is it a kill switch?
  4. joe ride on

    What do I Have?

    Hello All, I just got a 1992 DR350SE that is a beast to start... I spent a night getting her ready and was able to kick start it with help from some of my friends. Today I got the owner's manual and title in the mail and noticed in the manual that it should have an electric start with a "on" and "off" switch. I have two wires hanging there. If my electric start switch is missing, will it be easy to start? Does this bike have an electric start? Any help would be great on this great forum.