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  1. ridered55

    Which Foot Pegs Do You Recommend?

    +1 IMS Pro Series.
  2. ridered55

    Ca Dealer that stocks SSR & PITSTER??

    Central, but will be traveling North ( Oakland Supercross) this coming weekend... Possible so cal trip for either last Anaheim or San Diego Supercross... Still have to wait for Tax time to get the bike, just would like to see one in person, preferably the SSR...
  3. ridered55

    Ca Dealer that stocks SSR & PITSTER??

    Ya I liked mine too... Im looking for some more ponies this time around. Looking @ a 140 or 150...
  4. ridered55

    The real reason why no new 450x (yet)

    All the more reason to Duel Sport the X.. The DS market was only marginally hit....
  5. ridered55

    Ca Dealer that stocks SSR & PITSTER??

    Wow, Im overwhelemed with responses! I had a SSR 90R and had good luck with it, so I guess Im just gonna go SSR... Thanks anyway guys...
  6. Would just like to go sit on one before I buy. I live in central ca, can anyone direct me to a dealer that stocks those two brands? I understand that I might need to travel, so even if they are in Sacramento or LA, Let me know the name please.. Thank You...
  7. You live in a Off road friendly state, most of us are not that lucky. A ds X for you means nothing as u could probably plate an R there... Everyone seams to think the X is gonna gain huge amounts of weight. I bet horn, blinkers, chain guard, and 1 or 2 more things I'm probably forgeting about, and then pay the C.A.R.B for the certificate, its done...
  8. ridered55

    Which year model CRF450R

    you cant go wrong with 07-08... Honda's best bikes EVER ALL TIME!! (Maybe best bikes of anyone all time) Thats right , I said it!!
  9. Over 800 hits and only 20 took the survey,, we gotta do better than that guys!
  10. Have you ridden a KTM EXC 450/530.. I have and granted, they are not as light or powerful as my CFR R, or an X,, but it IS a great dirt bike with a plate! I guess I should of titled the tread " X with a plate" cause thats all I want, A DIRT bike plated!.... I don't want a totally redesigned fat street pig with knobbies, that is built to last 100,000 miles... I think they could increase oil capacity, plate it, and sell the crap out of them .....
  11. That thing would pass emissions right now, the way it is... And, everything is just another payment these days... If they plate the X,, I'll be sending in my $185 a month and be happy to do it...
  12. A few good points in there..
  13. The 650&230 are nice for what they are.. But when will Honda realize we want a 450-500cc off road thoroughbred with a license plate! KTM & Husky prices are a Little high, but the bikes ( well KTM) comes with some cool stock stuff... Make no mistake either, if we get a plate,, we're gonna Pay for it$$!!
  14. ridered55


    Nice freakin bike dude!! .. I rode a couple 08 KXF's too.. I'd gear it down to close 2-3 gear gap, get a shorter pipe ( or cut the stock one and put a PMB cap on it) and ride the crap out of it! Congratulations, getting a new bike is always a good feeling!