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  1. beachpinz

    Reprimanded by the Honda service manager

    Wow! **** those guys! I guess they don't read the business section much. They're going to be in a for a rude awakening if they keep treating their customers like that. Customizing the bike is part of the hobby for some people. Geez! Regarding the skid plate, Honda specifically says don't run the aluminum skid plate as it alters the flex characteristics designed into the frame. The factory uses poly skid plates for their race bikes. My Unabikers have saved my radiators many times. Might be a little restrictive in the tight - not sure. Anyways, punish those dweebs by not going back.
  2. beachpinz

    "Floating Shoulder"

    That's what I'm talking about! Actually, I already have. Went on a 12-hour Harley ride last weekend and it was fantastic. Just waiting on some parts for my CRF and that'll be next! Thanks Dr. Mark. Mark
  3. beachpinz

    "Floating Shoulder"

    Dr. Mark - Here are the 6-week X-Rays taken today. I'll get the cd in the mail tomorrow. Do I need to send you the films too? What about the bone fragment from the scapula - is that ok? Thanks, Mark
  4. Sharky - I answered your pm. Also, post the same ct view that I posted for Dr. Mark - that's the one he needs. Come on - I know you're just sitting on the couch with a Vicodin and the remote....
  5. beachpinz

    Knee Braces

    I had an accident in July where I t-boned a quad. Eight rib fractures, scapula and collar bones fractures - Dr. Mark fixed the collar bone. I was wearing the Asterisk Cell over-the-counter braces. They both broke. One of the carbon frames was snapped too. My leg was all black and blue but didn't break anything and my knee was fine. My leg still hurts where the bruises were though and it's been 2 months. So maybe my leg bones are strong or the braces are designed to break before something else does - I don't know. I do know that my legs didn't need any work - I didn't even get them x-rayed. I will say, though, that Dr. Mark is not the only orthopedic that has told me not to wear the braces - so beware - read his posts on the subject. I can tell you that the braces were somewhat comfortable, except after maybe an 8-hour ride. Also real good with minor get-offs. My gut tells me that they're advantages up to the point something breaks - hopefully it's the brace. Sorry, that was probably no help to you what so ever.
  6. beachpinz

    "Floating Shoulder"

    Ok, just a 4-week report...... Got the sutures removed in 10 days and my GP was very impressed with the quality of the work and wanted to know who did it. I can tell you my scar is barely a scar - just a nice, thin line. As far as my shoulder, it feels great - with full range of motion. No pain really, just some tightness in the skin. Was able to take the 5th wheel up to the high sierras, drive off-road and do all my own set-up. And that was only 11 days post-op. Everybody wanted to help me. Just told them "no thanks, I got it". The family really looks forward to this trip every year and it wouldn't have happened without the surgery. Just wasn't able to go on the dads ride. The majority of my friends that ride, have broken their collar bones and all of them can't believe how normal I am now (or how I was at 1-week). One of them is even calling me just lucky and if I get on my bike sooner than 3-months, I'll be back in 5 minutes. Oh, I can't wait to prove him wrong! Anyway, if you didn't know I got hurt, you wouldn't know. Amazing. Thanks Dr. Mark.
  7. beachpinz

    Dr Mark review

    Ya, it's nice to know that your doc is more interested in serving you than making his next tee-time. And unheard of when he's not even your doc!
  8. beachpinz

    Bent fork tubes?

    No, not yet. Lots of broken, bent stuff though. Also a CRF450X and a day after yours.
  9. beachpinz

    fractured collarbone experience

    Dr. Mark specializes in accelerated rehabilitation. Ask your doc if you will be exercising your shoulder the next morning after surgery and if you'll be back on your bike in a month. If he doesn't say "yes", give Dr. Mark a call. In any case, good luck.
  10. beachpinz

    fractured collarbone experience

    Go to Houston and get it fixed. My collar bone didn't hurt at all after surgery. Not looking funny is a major plus too. Do yourself a favor, don't wait.
  11. beachpinz

    Bent fork tubes?

    Ok, I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
  12. beachpinz

    "Floating Shoulder"

    Ok, I'm back and all I can say is that I 100% made the right decision by going to Dr. Mark Sanders. I'm already doing stuff that I couldn't do before and I'm not deformed when I look in the mirror. Surgery on Thurs at noon. I was at the Sanders Clinic the next morning doing PT with Ed, then on a plane to LA that afternoon and home in time to kiss my daughter on her 9th birthday. The next day (today) I drove myself to her surprise party - with both hands on the wheel. My leg is sore where they took some bone for the graft and my throat is kinda jacked up from the breathing tube but my collar bone area does not hurt at all, just feels tight. My shoulder's weak and stiff, probably from not moving for 3 weeks. Too bad I didn't go to Dr. Mark right away. Ed gave me exercises to do every day and that should get me going in no time. If it wasn't for all my broken ribs, and maybe my other shoulder fractures, I would feel great right now. And I'm 40 years old and not in the greatest shape, so I'm sure a younger person in better shape would feel even better. One caveat - the nurse at the hospital told me if I didn't do the exercises Dr. Sanders would give me, that I could stretch the recovery out to a year! The whole experience with the Sanders Clinic was fantastic. Everybody was happy, nice and efficient - no grumps like here in SoCal. Dr. Sanders is the most communicative doctor I've ever dealt with. You can just imagine that if he donates so much of his time to help us here at TT, what he's like when you're an actual patient. He's 10% comedian and 110% Doc. You don't have to be a professional athlete to get premium care from a premium doc. You just have to call Dr. Mark. It's important that I get back in the game as quick as possible for many reasons, I own a small business and my whole family rides. That's just as important as starting the next racing season. Thanks again Dr. Mark Mark from SoCal (neither fruit nor nut) http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/2079/docmelo8.jpg http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/6094/dsc0800qi9.jpg
  13. beachpinz

    "Floating Shoulder"

    Getting fixed by Dr. Mark tomorrow. Will post my experience when I get back.
  14. beachpinz

    Bent fork tubes?

    I had a recent collision with a quad. Is there a way that I can check to see if my fork tubes are bent? Or do I need to send them in? How about the tripples? Thanks, Mark
  15. beachpinz

    "Floating Shoulder"

    Dr. Mark - Do you remove the plate after healing or is it permanent? Also, here is a good, short article in laymens language. http://www.datatrace.com/medical/jsoa/southeasternclub-15.htm See you soon, Mark